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#4848 - 04/03/03 11:58 AM Re: Off topic ...
taebot Offline

Registered: 01/14/03
Posts: 1166
Such strong language [IMG][/IMG] ...

And I was asked not to say B*******.

But what if in my knitting I include a zen flaw?

For example, the best way I can ever understand you traditionalists is by picking up the Book of Tea, by Kakuzo Okarura, in order to "get my mind right. The parable of the Tea Master, too is very illumative of the zen/chan as applied to martial artists, hence a discussion of tea drinking would be very central to discussing the martial arts (as in knowing the way of all professions).

Also knowing, really getting to know the people you are discussing a topic with can avoid many of the silly day-to-day misunderstandings that we have.

If the conversation is limited to "strictly martial arts," then the site becomes less entertaining, people drift off, then it is rendered virtually useless as a tool for education. (I may point out that some people are simply unequipped to deal with the issues on the level you desire. Those are the ones whom usually MOST need the education.)

I want to be entertaining enough, provocative enough, and just dumb enough to keep people tuning in each day just to see what that Gadfly taebot is up to today. Even if you have no interest in the proper way to choke someone out on that particular day.

If someone is down and needs a pick up, I would like to see them come in and say, "Hey friends, this happened to me today. Any advice on how to carry on?"

Or, "My kid finally learned to swim!"

If you want to share, to touch, to reach, you HAVE to be human. Not a rock. Not an island, and certainly not a Thesaurus or a Martial Arts Encyclopedia Article...


[But I do enjoy a certain amout of gravitas. Perhaps ya'll need a Forum of your own... Serious Debate Only. You must have approved credentials submitted and on record to reply here. [IMG][/IMG] YonDan and below need not apply...]

#4849 - 04/03/03 12:29 PM Re: Off topic ...
Chen Zen Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 02/09/03
Posts: 7043
Loc: Ms
I have to agree with Tae in a sense. I think that if given the chance to know each other better then we would not run into so many misunderstandings as we would all have a better understanding of jow each other think. Also being able to vent off the problems of everyday life would be productive to your training as you have less clutter in the ol brain box to interfere with your concentration.

#4850 - 04/03/03 04:21 PM Re: Off topic ...
Jamoni Offline

Registered: 01/17/03
Posts: 1514
Loc: St. Louis, MO, USA
Sharon, that's one of the "Great Mysteries", which it is better not to ponder. I just realized what a revealing glimpse into my lifestyle my last post was! Now you guys know pretty much all there is to know about Jamoni.

#4851 - 04/03/03 05:05 PM Re: Off topic ...
raccoon Offline

Registered: 02/09/03
Posts: 848
Loc: Victoria BC Canada
Jamoni, I think we now know more than we ever want to XD, I am permanently traumatized [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]

Back onto Mug Do... there were talks in other thread and a recent e-mail about the zen of emptying your mug... I just want to see how many people would advocate emptying the liquid in your thermo mug onto your opponent's face; and would the following factors make any difference:
1) temperature of the liquid (scalding hot to luke warm to cold...)
2) material in the thermo (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chicken soup... I don't know very many people who would carry HCl in their thermos)
3) value of your opponent's clothes/ hats/ shoes [IMG][/IMG]

And if you think that's a good move, what would your follow ups be?

#4852 - 04/03/03 05:11 PM Re: Off topic ...
MrVigerous Offline
Former Administrator

Registered: 04/17/01
Posts: 2498
Loc: UK
I think you lot know me well enough by now to know that i'm not going to go off on one and start punching the delete button just because someone, "horror of horrors", posts something not of a MA bent. You all know the very few simple rules and regs and that the MAIN theme is MA. I am firmly convinced that we can all post within these broad boundaries to everyone's satisfaction.

Mr V

#4853 - 04/04/03 12:04 AM Re: Off topic ...
suzie Offline

Registered: 04/02/03
Posts: 140
Mr V, would it not be better to batter him with the bag of flour? Poking it where the sun don't shine would render the weapon unavailable for subsequent use. Well I wouldn't want to retrieve it anyway.

#4854 - 04/04/03 12:10 AM Re: Off topic ...
raccoon Offline

Registered: 02/09/03
Posts: 848
Loc: Victoria BC Canada
Suzie> I would agree with you if it was self-raising flour. But it's flower, I imagine he is referring to the seed that would raise itself out of the darkness and bloom out into the sun one day...

Geez, this is getting kind of sick.

#4855 - 04/04/03 05:36 AM Re: Off topic ...
taebot Offline

Registered: 01/14/03
Posts: 1166
For example...

I now know Chen has a rugrat.

Now my parable list grows by leaps and bounds when I type at him [IMG][/IMG] !

When he comes in and has a bad day, I chalk it up to the irritant that leads to the pearl... Hu Zhu. That was my kid's name. The one they gave her at the orphanage.

She loves to play Kung Fu fighting and is fascinated, just fascinated, by Bruce Lee movies. But she won't do class anymore. She was three and had six classes under her belt and announced that she was going to teach. I told her she wasn't ready yet and that was the end of that for lessons!

What a great teacher she can be!


#4856 - 04/04/03 11:59 AM Re: Off topic ...
Chen Zen Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 02/09/03
Posts: 7043
Loc: Ms
Gotta Love the kids.

#4857 - 04/05/03 05:01 AM Re: Off topic ...
taebot Offline

Registered: 01/14/03
Posts: 1166
And I thought no one would ever replace my love for my dog who I've diligently been teaching Gongfu to.

No one's gonna wok my dawg!

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