Just stopping by to say hello.

Been quite a while since I was here. A lot has happened since I've been by.

Became a partner in a dojo. Did well for a while but my main profession as a CPA took over a good chunk of my life so I ended up dissolving my share.

Took up medium to long distance hiking for a few years (50-150 mile hikes on the Appalachian Trail). Until the injuries of full contact fighting took a toll and realized I have 3 herniated discs in my neck. L4, L5, L6

Took 2 years off of martial arts and weight lifting to recover without surgery. Still have some symptoms but I can still be active.

during my injury I got into pistol shooting, skeet shooting, and now rifle shooting competitively.

Got married, have a 2yr old daughter now as well.

Got back into teaching November 2016 in a Krav Maga studio supplementing their system with Kara-te 2 days a week.

Slower, older... but still kicking it

Hope everyone is doing well!

Limerick Thread!!!


"I'm gonna come at you like a spider monkey"