I can't believe its nearly 8 years since I "lost touch" with my Sensei

I found this letter I sent to him which seemed to end the "relationship" betweeen us.

I'll let you read it and I'm happy for all you critique


I got some really big issues at Wythenshawe. I've not slept properly for the last few days as I don't know how to tell you.

I informed the guys/parents at my Dojo that you wouldn't be coming until next week, their response wasn't too good. I was 'asked' why don't I do the gradings, as they are my students and it is my club, I've taught them upto the level they are at, my only answer was that you don't think I'm ready yet.

Their response wasn't too good, they suggested that you do not trust me and that they don't want you to grade them anymore, so it will not be worth coming next week.

They suggested that you only come to 'collect' the money and disappear after every grading as you have promised so many times to come down and never have. This is from the fact they asked me do I get any percentage of the Grading Fees, I had to advise that I do not, although I advised that Steph’s grade, the belts and certificate and the Insurance are supplied via yourselves.

They have 'asked' that they only wish for me to do the Gradings from now on so that the grading fees can be put back into the club. They advised that they would leave the club, which would be an end to all my hard work. I worked really hard to do this and at times I've even paid the rent myself as I'd not had enough students fees to make the rent. I do not wish to loose my club. I do not think I am being held to ransom as they are voicing their opinions and are showing loyalty to me and my club.

I said I'd talk to you, but I don't know how too. My suggestion would be, if it is ok with you. If I do all the Kyu Grades up to 1st Kyu, and for you to do all Dan Grades. As it would if I was on my own, Dan grades are usually done at a verified venue.

All the grading fees would come into my club hence allowing me to reinvest the money into purchasing Mats and other equipment. From this you could charge me a reasonably aligned fee for the Belts and Certificates and therefore I don't loose my club and you still get money for the Gradings.

Your friend"

Would you have agreed to this or as he did cut his ties with me

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