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Hi Can you look at the post on the Sine Wave and respond as you're a TKD'ist?

As I am a TKD'ist and I have and I have a physics background I will add my 2 cents worth over there.

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Also there's not many Original TKD schools about they tend to be dare I say "belt factories" or focused on getting people into the Olympics etc. for me TKD WAS one of the best arts outthere. Is your style from WTF or ITF thanks

Well if there is one thing you could say about us it is that we are not it is a belt factory. In order to get higher than 1st Dan in our art you need to be an instructor and an adult. We do have a junior black belt rank but there is no set age (we have some who have their own children) and to go from JBB to 1st Dan you have to undergo the same grading as everyone else. 2nd Dans usually have about 15 years or more experience before they get their 2nd Dans. Our Regional Master Instructors in my area have between 30 and 35 years in the art.

We have never been part of the WTF (we have about as much in common with Olympic style sparring as we have with Tai Chi). We used to be part of the ITF in the early days but seceded, probably due to General Choi wanting to add sporting elements and Master Rhee wanting the art to remain a martial art of self defence like it was originally. We teach the Chang Hon patterns. Here's a link:


There are a few TKD schools in Australia that teach the non-competitive version but nearly all of those were founded by former instructors from our organization.