MARTIN H (K4L) posted this and I wanted to share it with you

NIKO Ashihara new rules (facepunches allowed)


NIKO Ashihara is going to hold their open Eurasian cup in May. In their tournament pamphlets they list 3 events included in the cup.
*Ashihara karate kumite (apparently trad ashihara knockdown)
*Kata (as it sounds)
*Full contact kumite.
The "full contact kumite" is only open to adult men. uses 10 oz. gloves and apparently allows punches (but not elbows) to the head.

So.... Kyokushinkan Shinken shobu inspired or glove-karate inspired?

Just the local guys pushing their own thing, or a official trial of alternate ashihara rules that might become established side by side with knockdown (as shinken shobu is in kyokushinkan)?

I think its a good move, If however they use MMA mitts they will be able to punch AND grab with them as it would be the same MMA gloves as we use. If they use Karate Mitts or Boxing Gloves it will be K-1 in a Karate Gi

what's your thoughts?
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