Does anyone know where I can order a gi made entirely out of moisture-wicking material?

I love to work out hard and sweat, but I hate when my gi gets soaking wet and sticks to me. The discomfort from exercise should emanate from muscles, not clothing. I don't mind feeling tired or sore when I work out, but I don't enjoy feeling gross.

Millennium Martial Arts put out a moisture-wicking gi a couple of years ago; I bought one and love it, but the company went out of business before I could buy another one.

The gis closest to Millennium's that I can find right now only have useless moisture-wicking linings- they move sweat from the body into the cotton exterior, which won't vent it away but just soak until it can't hold any more moisture and the whole thing turns into a sponge. Adidas makes a gi with a few Neoprene vents, but it's still nearly all cotton.

Anyway, other activities are getting away from cotton in their uniforms and going with Under Armour-like moisture-wicking materials. I can't be alone in wanting something like this for karate, and I'm hoping someone out there knows where I can look!