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I would say yes as it is moving with the technique as if it was one with the technique or one with the opponent.

I can stand, sit or lie down and practice Kata, and as I practice my body twitches as I go through the kata as if my body s doing the technique for real

Maybe I'm not understanding correctly what you are saying, but "feeling you are one" isn't necessairly internal. It is very hard to describe in words, so I don't want to get in circles here.

Tell you what, there is a simple test they use in Internal Arts to demonstrate part of internal strength, so try this.

During your Kata, get to the point where you are most "at one", stop and hold it. Extend your hand with an open palm as though you were waiting for somone to hi 5 you.

Get someone the same size as you to press their hand against yours with one hand, and they take their other hand and grab your wrist of your extended arm firmly.

The person will then push/pull without warning with all their might on your extended arm. If when feeling "as one" they are able to off balance you at all, then you haven't developed "internal strength".

Or a simpler test: Go to Taijiquan class when they are doing push hands and take on the most experienced/strongest push hands player. Get in to the point where you feel "at one" and see if you can overcome the person. This could be a small indicator of whether or not you have developed "internal strength".

One thing I would say is that "internal" isn't somehow "better". It is simply a different way of training. There was a massive American Judoka who years ago went to Chen Village (the spiritual home of Taijiquan) and went up on to the dais and smashed the best Chen "internal" masters at push hands.
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