Hi, today i'm going to mention one of the throws which is very popular and each beginner nearly starts with it, it is "hip throw", throws are very effective and amazing in the streets, it can end a fight or may begin its end, but it needs hard training and more time than other techniques to be good at it, to increase your speed and power,to improve your strategy, and to make the right decision at the right time.let's go back to the "hip throw", this throw can be performed in different methods and it has different levels, we will talk about one of them and it is the way to begin it with.In "hip throw" you use your hip(which you push with through his abdominal). to left your opponent and use your arm to pull him from his neck towards the floor during your pulling you twist your body against your free hand which will lead your opponent to fall on the floor on his back.this takedown is simple to learn but difficult to apply it in the right way without hard training, and of course choosing the right tech. depends on the situation. But my aim is not just learning the takedown, but to mix it with what you have learned to make it more effective, and i'll give an example ,someone is punching you with his right hand you will block it with your left hand striking not just stopping it, then uppercut to his abdominal with your right hand ,then a slap to his right ear with your left hand
then throw him.you punch and slap will affect his concentration at least and will open the way to you to launch the throw.
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