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#367461 - 04/29/09 04:23 PM Re: ki, chi, qi energy pull [Re: eyrie]
SifuHax Offline

Registered: 03/12/09
Posts: 84
Loc: Westfield, New Jersey
I don't think it's real. I wish it was real. But I don't think it is real.
I am no sifu.

#367462 - 04/30/09 11:21 AM Re: ki, chi, qi energy pull
karl314285 Offline

Registered: 02/17/09
Posts: 326
Loc: The Matrix, Serif is Teacher

ever been to a full blown Evangelistic Faith healing?

same thing as Fox Mulder had on his office poster
"I want to believe" and their healed till trying to get their wallet back, NOW a Chi Wallet Pull has great monetary value and only requires a cohort for misdirection

Naw, come on, dude probably smoked too much weed and decided to call himself sensi-Bud, poor sucker trains technique and absolutely believes in ol sensi-bud, so they practice this by starting out having sensi-bud pullin sucker back as he rocks to heels (notice the rhythmical center mass rocking of that?) until sucker just starts to fall out ABSOLUTE FAITH, sensi-bud probably did time the initial pulling physically watching the rocking and motor conditioned sucker sempai to a trigger like blowing air on his neck (not to say sensei-buds AC/DC, not theres anything wrong with that).

To believe that you might I assume be youngish and a better question at this time in life (Be ye male or female) is to ask if improper use of Tantric Sex techniques w/o partners consent can actually be used to siphon off Birth Qi to add to your own well of Qi...hopefully that made no sense at all to you, if it did and you have some how become accomplished....stop. BAD MOJO.

-Karl. Peace.
do not try to spork the post, for that is impossible, only realize there is no post to spork

#367463 - 05/01/09 02:11 AM Re: ki, chi, qi energy pull [Re: SifuHax]
Ames Offline

Registered: 05/29/05
Posts: 1117
This isn't hard to figure out. The student knows ahead of time that the teacher is going to try and 'pull' him using 'energy'. The student stands there for awhile, and due to X amount of years of programming, convinces himself that he is 'feeling the pull'. Then he is pulled.

If the teacher tried is with a stranger off the street, and didn't tell the person ahead of time what he was trying to do then the results would be very different.

"Seek not to follow in the footsteps of the men of old; seek what they sought."

#367464 - 05/05/09 12:02 PM Re: ki, chi, qi energy pull
fileboy2002 Offline

Registered: 11/13/05
Posts: 999
Loc: Chicago, IL
Tap your heels together three times and whisper, over and over, "There's no place like home. There's no place like home..."

#420460 - 06/28/09 10:59 AM Re: ki, chi, qi energy pull [Re: eyrie]
Dave5504 Offline

Registered: 06/28/09
Posts: 10
An energy pull is pretty straightforward – no mystical stuff, just using your own energy field to interact with someone elses. This is a common training tool in energy work and energetic healing.

If you are new to the concept of bio-energy you should start by just getting a feel for it. Stand comfortably in a relaxed posture with your hands in front of you, palms facing each other. Your body is relaxed. Visualize a current of energy running in a circuit through your upper body and arms from one palm into the other. Men circulate energy from right to left, women from left to right. Experiment with bringing your hands closer together and then farther apart as if you are holding something compressible, like a balloon. You may feel heat, tingling or slight pressure on the palms. This is your bio-energy field. Again, there’s nothing mysterious here. Any time there is energy, there is a corresponding field. Just like electricity through a wire – this is just physics.

To do the energy pull you need a willing partner. This is a learning tool – it will not work if your partner resists (this was noted in one of the earlier responses). Your partner needs to be neutral – standing like a reed in the wind. This is a very gentle [censord] out of the mud with this.

Stand behind you partner so they do not see your movements. Step [censord] into your opposite palm. Your energy is looping around you partner like a rope. When you [censord], as if to stretch the energy rope around your partner. Do not use any sudden or quick movements. You partner should move back a bit. This takes some sensitivity and practice, but most anyone can do this.

This can work as a pull or a push, just depends on what your intent is and how you form your own energy to interact with your partner.

Just to reiterate. This is just physics – nothing mystical. Lots of research available on energy and healing – look into James Oschman’s books on current research into energy medicine if you want some references.

#420461 - 06/28/09 11:26 AM Re: ki, chi, qi energy pull [Re: Dave5504]
JKogas Offline

Registered: 01/25/03
Posts: 10818
Loc: North Carolina
If that isn't mystical, what exactly do you call mystical??

#420467 - 06/28/09 04:05 PM Re: ki, chi, qi energy pull [Re: JKogas]
Dave5504 Offline

Registered: 06/28/09
Posts: 10
As I noted, I call it physics. There were several posts that seemed to put this into the category of a hoax or something wierd. The principle used is no different than what you might encounter in a discussion of electrical and magnetic fields in an engineering or physics class.

Why is this not mystical? - A mystic is someone who can communicate directly with God. Clearly that's not going on in the method I outlined - i.e, this isn't mystical, it is just an application of the principles of physics.

#420475 - 06/29/09 02:22 AM Re: ki, chi, qi energy pull [Re: Dave5504]
Gavin Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 05/11/05
Posts: 2267
Loc: Southend, Essex, UK
It's funny that the only people whom seem to ever be effected by this sort of 'physics' are loyal students? (note - I am aware that many average Joe's off of the street have been effected as well - but these always seem to be the ones who were 'open' to it!) I have had a few people try to demonstrate how they can use 'physics' on me and not one person has succeeded... perhaps I'm immune to it? I'm curious as to which branch of physics you feel this fits under? Thus far I've not seen anything other than psychology at play and that has been from both my studies of the martial and healing arts...
Gavin King
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#420480 - 06/29/09 03:34 AM Re: ki, chi, qi energy pull [Re: Gavin]
DeadlyKnuckles Offline

Registered: 07/26/08
Posts: 130
Loc: United States, Florida

1. is not a thing.
2. does not exist in a pure state (ie: no "energy fields").
3. exists in various forms (light, heat, sound, etcetera).
4. is defined as the capacity to do work.*

* Work is defined as the transfer of energy.

Originally Posted By: Dave5504
Experiment with bringing your hands closer together and then farther apart as if you are holding something compressible, like a balloon. You may feel heat, tingling or slight pressure on the palms. This is your bio-energy field.

No, it's not.

The sensation of warmth/heat you're experiencing is the result of the transfer of heat from your palms to the molecules in the space between them.

The tingling or pressure sensations could be the result of a number of things. It could be the result of holding your hands in the same position for a prolonged period of time, poor blood circulation, your imagination, wishful thinking, etcetera.

#420486 - 06/29/09 11:13 AM Re: ki, chi, qi energy pull [Re: DeadlyKnuckles]
Dave5504 Offline

Registered: 06/28/09
Posts: 10
The amount of resistance to this surprises me.

There are hundreds if not thousands of studies done on the various energies of the human body. I noted James Oschman’s work in my first post. I would suggest that you look at his two books Energy Medicine, The Scientific Basis and Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance. Here’s a link to his bio, you can decide for yourself if he is a credible researcher . You can find similar and related works from Paul Pearsall and Lynn McTaggart – all are available on Amazon. These three references barely scratch the surface of the information that is available.

The short story is that the human body emits electricity, magnetism, heat, light and sound. With the advent of super conductors and the SQUID measuring devices in the 1970s much more minute energies could be measured. These have all been measured in multiple studies. There is no doubt that we are energetic beings.

Even methods as old as Kirlian photography which started in the late 1930s have been used to photograph the energy fields around living things. Some on this forum may have had diagnostic tests such as an EEG or EKG that measure some of the larger electrical energies of the brain and heart. I do not see how you can be aware of modern medical advances and not acknowledge that various energies and energetic fields are a part of the human body.

RE “It's funny that the only people whom seem to ever be effected by this sort of 'physics' are loyal students? (note - I am aware that many average Joe's off of the street have been effected as well - but these always seem to be the ones who were 'open' to it!)”.
You take both sides here, first implying that they work because of the student-instructor relationship and then saying that sometimes they work on any average person. Then you further state that you have some insight into the openness of people you do not know. This is not a valid argument.

You do not say what technique someone tried on you that would not work, so I cannot offer any [censord] other than to restate again that the energy pull requires a willing partner. This means that the partner must be neutral. If you dig into the ground and lock yourself into a stance, then the technique will not work. The connection between the puller and the pullee feels like a very, very weak magnetic connection.

Again, this is a demonstration that allows people to become familiar with the feeling of their energy field. I use this in Qigong, Meditation and Reiki classes to simply make people aware of what is there. That’s it. The energy pull can be a door to further understand, but please do not make this into something it is not intended to be.

RE the question about “which branch of physics” and the definition of energy. Not quite sure I understood the point of the questions , but here’s the Wikipedia take on an “electrical field” –
“In physics, the space surrounding an electric charge or in the presence of a time-varying magnetic field has a property called an electric field. This electric field exerts a force on other electrically charged objects. The concept of an electric field was introduced by Michael Faraday.”

RE the point about what is felt in the hands. Your point about blood flow and heat in the hands is valid. Those are things that can certainly be felt. However, when my hands are one to two feet apart or when I am several feet from a training partner, the sensations are not from blood flow or heat. I can feel a physical connection to the partner as well. I use the connection to give them a slight pull or push - the connection at a distance and the ability to pull and push are separate issues from the heat and blood flow in the hands. Do they move backward or forward because of my wishful thinking? You are actually on a valid point - intent. Intent is important in any of the energetic healing or hurting disciplines.

I see where one of the moderators is a Reiki practitioner - perhaps they might comment on the feel of Qi or intent.

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