On the Ground, Off the Mat, Ground Fighting for Practical Self-Defense, Systema Seminar
Date: January 28 & 29, 2012
Location: Revolution Self Defense, 34 Oleander Drive, Clayton, NC (near Raleigh)
Times 11am-5pm both days
Instructor: Mark Jakabcsin
Topics include:
Understanding body position to escape and/or control
Effective integrated striking on the ground
Efficient use of the lower body on the ground
Active recovery from an injured or exhausted state
Surviving the ground against multiple attackers
Surviving and using weapons on the ground
Open to martial artists of all styles and back grounds
Space is limited due to venue size, book your place now.
Cost $120 (2 days) $80 (1 day)
For more information contact Glenn Murphy at: glenn@NCsystema.com or 919-274-6922
Take care,

Mark J.