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#273082 - 07/20/06 04:49 AM Creaky Old Mods Journal
Cord Offline

Registered: 01/13/05
Posts: 11399
Loc: Cambridge UK.
After a couple of PM's with Dereck, we have decided to do our own training journal, and seeing as how it was my bright idea ( ) I will go first.
Increasingly enjoyment and wellbeing, though still with an eye firmly on making myself puke in the process. Maintaining a good level of Dynamic functional strength becomes more important to me than static maximal strength with every passing day. i am also a huge believer in crosstraining and balanced development.

The big picture
I am fast approaching my 32nd birthday, and whilst not ready for the scrap heap yet, it will signal the start of my 17th year of lifting, and 21st year of regular conditioning of some form or another, so my body bares a fair few signs of wear and tear. I have problems with my knee, neck, shoulders, and elbows. limbs are prone to tendonitis, and my neck and shoulders to muscle pulls if not carefull. solution: good mobilisation, stretching, and keeping volume low and intensity high.

what you are thinking
'You have been training for ages- how come you aint Mr O, or a national level athlete Mr know it all? '

I was shortlisted for national under 21's rugby trials at 19years old, but injury forced me to retire from the game early, as for the rest of my prospective athletic endeavours?
Thats easy. Bad life choices. I was an habitual drinker, recreational drug user and heavy smoker from early teens till nearly 3 years ago, this lead to some very erratic and unfocussed training in my mid 20's, and despite my academic training in the subject, a stubborn refusal to do anything other than 'lift heavy sh1t' for my personal development.
Trouble was, i was fit (resting heart rate 50-54bpm) with high end normal BP, despite terrible diet, smoking, and enough booze to kill a camel. I was in denial, and much of my potential went to waste because of it.
All that changed when at 29 my lifestyle caught up with me, and a medical showed my BP and heart rate were not good, also my lung function (peak flow) dropped to below average (had been off the scale), and my shape was morphing from Vin Deisel to Homer Simpson . age caught up with me, and i had two choices- sort it out, or lose it all. I sorted it out.
The reason I get so frustrated with some of your posts is because I see my younger self in them- bulking, supplements, heavy volume, isolation movements, rationalisation of leg training avoidance, I have been there and done it all.

How do I know that what I suggest on here works?

Working as a trainer for a decade means I have helped a lot of people with very different goals, and with very different personal circumstances. They did what I told em, and got results. More than this however, by finally practicing what I had preached for so long, I completely transformed myself over the last 30 months. I have dropped (80lbs) in weight (now a lean mobile 214lbs, brought my BP down from hypertensive to a steady 120/75, peak flow is back to 700+, and I can honestly say that despite my older joints, I am as fit as I was at 18, and much healthier on top of that (I am now 'straight edge' as the cool kids call it )

Training philosophy

I am somewhere between structured and instinctive. I devise a hanful of workouts that work in balance with one another, then choose which one i feel like doing on the day. They are all brief and intense, and I tend to have a higher frequency than some (6 days on, one day off), though because each workout is different and short, overtraining is not a problem. if i feel I need an extra day's break i take it- no big deal.

So, if you are still awake after all that intro waffle, here is the first workout. Done at 7.30 am having come straight off a 9 hour night shift .

5.4 mile Bike ride: I have a cycle route that takes in 2 long hills. On the flat I keep staedy state in 18th gear, staying in the saddle, on the hills I come out of the saddle and coordinate the body to allow me to maintain rpm in 18th gear for the full incline, effectively giving me a couple of High intensity intervals in the ride. On the Downhills I come out of the saddle about an inch, with pedals parallel and hold a static stress on the legs till i hit flat, then drive back up to steady pace in 18th again.

Get back to garage and its on with a 50lb weighted vest, and straight into 4 sets of push up/chin up supersets. I like working to failure, at this stage I am more interested in using the strength i have than building more, and i am also looking for oxygen debt recovery improvements between supersets. My technique is full range, super strict, with pauses at the bottom of every movement to negate stretch reflex.
push ups went 20,14,9,8. Pull ups went 9,5,4,4.

Keeping the vest on, I move on to a 25kilo kettlebell, and do one arm kettlebell swings (like a deadlift to one arm front raise, the force of the lift helping the delt 'throw' the weight up to just above shoulder height).
I alternated hands every 10 reps completing 80 reps in total in continuous fashion. With these, you do use stretch reflex to an extent, but i minimise this by pausing at the top with arm extended to fully engage the delts, and lowering slower than many would do on this exercise.

thats it for today. I shall sleep well this morning I tell you that for nothing
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'

#273083 - 07/20/06 06:17 AM Re: Creaky Old Mods Journal [Re: Cord]
Ayub Offline
heartbreaker, lifetaker

Registered: 11/26/04
Posts: 825
Loc: London, UK
Well this should be interesting to follow Mr. Genius protector of the ignorant (at a price of their pride) in the fitness jurresdiction.

So since three years ago and you gave yourself a kick up the a$$, hows your heart rate and fitness levels now?
Cut me Mick!

#273084 - 07/20/06 06:32 AM Re: Creaky Old Mods Journal [Re: Ayub]
Cord Offline

Registered: 01/13/05
Posts: 11399
Loc: Cambridge UK.
True resting heart rate (having just woken) is 48-52. Like I said, my fitness levels are back to when i was playing competetive sport. I can do 1.5 hours of savate drills in class, followed imediately by 45 mins sparring, and finish on my toes and able to do more if it were required.
My average cycle speed this morning over the 5.4 miles was 18 miles per hour.
There will always be people better than I, but I am so greatly improved over where i was, that I am satisfied with my progress as it relates to me.

I should also say that Dereck and I are not doing this journal for bragging rites or ego trip. We want to share honestly what we do, where we come from, and offer ourselves up for scrutiny, in the hope of learning as much as for helping through example.
We have some great contributors on here, and I realy do value everyone's input- i am sorry that I come across as blunt, its just my manner. My intentions are always good i promise
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'

#273085 - 07/20/06 07:40 AM Re: Creaky Old Mods Journal [Re: Cord]
TimBlack Offline

Registered: 05/10/05
Posts: 1403
Loc: UK, Brighton
This should be great, it'll be cool to see how the forum's two big guys are doing
My Workout Log

#273086 - 07/20/06 02:01 PM Re: Creaky Old Mods Journal [Re: TimBlack]
Dereck Offline

Registered: 10/04/04
Posts: 10416
Loc: Great White North
Big guy I am not and bragging there won't be. I think this will be good so that you can see that I don't know it all and that I'm still learning myself. You will see two different personalities on here and different training methods between Cord and myself. We are totally open to suggestions and comment so feel free to chime in if you feel the need to do.

I'm at work right now so I won't be able to give you my training until I get home tonight, however I can give you some basics for now.

Who is Dereck?

I'm 37 years old and soon to be 38 in September. I've been lifting faithfully since September 27, 1997 starting in my basement on an old Weider bench with cement filled plastics weights that I received as a Christmas gift when I was 15 or 16. I had tried lifting since 13 years old but always seemed to fail until I picked it up and have stuck with it since. I continue to work out at home and have purchased enough iron and equipment that I can cover every possible exercise needed to be well rounded. I have learned many things on my own from doing it, watching it, reading it and asking questions. Years after starting I made a friend with a body builder that helped me to fine tune some things and gave me a lot to work with. When we hook up I work out with him at the gyms he picks and am in awe of what he can do.

Earlier in my life I was active in most sports such as football, soccer, baseball, track and wrestling. As a young adult I also played years in a mixed volleyball league and baseball league. I have always been fit and doing something so feel the need to continue as an adult, though I did go through a few years previous that I was in active and became a couch potato and thus going from 165 lbs of lean muscle to 193 lbs of fat (plant job to desk job in just over a year). Thankfully after losing an arm wrestling match against my younger brother at Christmas of 1997, this was enough to motivate me to hit the weights and have been doing it ever since.

I'm an anal person with everything including my weight lifting. I keep a log book of what I do that includes how many weeks I've worked out, how many days, what exercises, what weights, periodic measurements, how I was feeling you name it. This way I can look back to see if I improved or not and to decide why things worked or didn't.

On top of this I train in martial arts and started on September 18, 2002 with Taekwondo. This is a modified Taekwondo system that includes Hapkido, Jujitsu and BJJ, plus incorporates other skills such as the Muay Thai clinch, knees and elbows. I love grappling and this is a passion and where I focus most of my energy.


Prior to martial arts my goal was that of a body builder. I still have a bit of that mentality and this will show in many of the things I do and the things I want. Basically I want it all I want to be bigger, faster and stronger though I know that this is not all possible but doesn't stop me from trying. I have been finding that with martial arts I cannot keep the body building mentality and in fact cannot lift what I used to, nor am I as big. However I am faster and am smarter which is a trade off, but that doesn't stop me from still working it hard.

Road Blocks

My body is a mess but I have learned to adapt with certain exercises and I have to listen to my body and rest when needed though you will also find that I'm stubborn. Here is what I am up against:

1. NECK - In December of 2004 due to a grappling accident I crushed my C6 and C7 vertebra. It wasn't until April of 2005 that the problems really started to set in and I was laid out for 3+ months of doing nothing. After a MRI and rehab I have found things manageable with medication, though I have weaned myself almost completely off. Surgery is an option but not one suggested as I could be even worse off.

2. KNEE - In July of 2005 due to hyper extending my knee during kicking drills, I tore my left ACL. This laid me off for 3+ months and after a MRI I am currently waiting for surgery that won't be till the end of the year. Thankfully my weight lifting paid off as the muscle around my knee are strong and I am able to still do a lot of things that amazes my sports doctor and specialist including weight lifting and martial arts.

3. BICEP - In 2003 I tore my Distal Bicep Tendon in my right arm. After rehab I had this healed up in about 6+ months and in October/November of 2005 I re-tore it during grappling with an arm bar.

4. HAMSTRING - In my second year of training martial arts, we switched from hardwood floors to those puzzle like mats. While practicing a spin return kick, and not being used to the mats, my foot remained in place and did not spin resulting in me ripping my hamstring where it attaches to the buttock, my right one. Even after physio I still have problems and really need to stretch this prior to training martial arts especially during any kicking drills.

5. SHOULDERS - My shoulders are not the greatest and have really been bugging me. I'm guessing 6+ years ago, I tore my right rotator cuff not to mention I broke my left collar bone during a football accident when I was 15. My shoulders clunk especially my right and I have some limits to my movement in it. This requires me to really stretch this for grappling days or days I lift when using my shoulders.

2005 wasn't a good year for me. Suffice it to say with all of these injuries I am still going but again I adapt to what I can and can't do. I have to lift less weights, which bothers me at times, but I want to lift for life so I have to play it smart. I am unable to do many exercises which includes Squats, but I make do.

Where I am?

I have been off for a month as while training for a Jujitsu Gi Grappling/No Gi Submission Wrestling Tournament in June I further aggravated my neck and had to take time off. During this time I lost weight, size, definition, strength you name it. Monday I got started back up and am doing a Push / Pull / Leg training schedule. To see how things are going and to know if I'm making any progress I took some measurements of my body at rest to see where my starting point is.

Neck = 17.25"
Chest = 48"
Waist = 36" (though I wear a 34" pant that fit loosely)
Upper Thigh = 24.5"
Lower Thigh = 19.5"
Calves = 15"
Arms = 16.5" Right, 16" Left (never had them the same; but close though)
Weight = 188 Lbs
Height = 5' 8.25"

Saddens me to look at but it is a starting point, but I'm not body building anymore and will just have to get over myself. I haven't weighed this low of a weight since probably 2000. I'm usually between 195 to 200 Lbs and foresee this going up as I will begin eating my 5-6 meals a day again.

So that is me in a nutshell and tonight after my workout I will post what I am currently doing and feel free to let me know your comments.

#273087 - 07/20/06 02:49 PM Re: Creaky Old Mods Journal [Re: Dereck]
distincthead Offline

Registered: 07/07/06
Posts: 15
Loc: CT, USA
Dereck, you may not like your current 'size' but at least you're proportional. With all the knowledge, you'll be back where you want to be in no time after that surgery, etc. And besides, yer way bigger than my lazy a$$!

Neck: 17 (weird)
Chest: 41
Waist: 34
Thigh (largest part): 20
Calves: 13
Biceps: 12.5 (hahaha...)
Forearms: 11.5
Weight: 176.5 lbs
Height: 5' 11"

I can't wait to read your stuff guys. People's journals oft inspire more out of me!!!! Good luck!

#273088 - 07/20/06 04:21 PM Re: Creaky Old Mods Journal [Re: distincthead]
LiLJb72 Offline

Registered: 02/20/06
Posts: 83
Sounds like a fun post guys, the old wise men giving us young guns more ways to injure our joints and fun stuff like that ... hah...

Just for point of reference:
Neck - 16"
Chest- 46"
Waist- 28"
thigh- 22.5"
calves - 14.5"
arms - 16.5"
weight- 206.25lbs
height- 75.25"

dunno if any of that is good but I finally found a tape and had my squad leader measure me today...also a bench mark for a young gun (22 soon) - just got 300 up twice today on flat bench for the first time ever!! I was real excited about that...I loved hearing your backgrounds, it helps to know where the advice is coming from..,

#273089 - 07/20/06 11:42 PM Re: Creaky Old Mods Journal [Re: LiLJb72]
Dereck Offline

Registered: 10/04/04
Posts: 10416
Loc: Great White North
Monday, July 17, 2006 - Week 405, Day 1074

The dojo is closed this week as my Instructor is on holidays on a house boat retreat. This gives me the perfect opportunity to get at it.

First day back working out and it is PUSH day. Have to take into consideration my injuries with particular attention to my neck and knee. Also in the last 3 months I have had sore shoulders that believe it or not I feel in class when doing form or fundimental movements especially when we have to hold in that postion while the Instructor gives instructions.

Put in the CD player 12 Stone's two Albums I just purchased and 3 Days Grace's new album I also purchased. Time to rock and roll. Did my light 10 minute warm up and on with the show.

Barbell Bench Press = 237 lbs = 5/5/4/4/3
Peck Deck = 370 lbs = 7/6/5
Barbell Seated Military Press = 140 lbs = 5/4+/4/4/4+
Barbell Upright Rows = 100 lbs = 6/6/5
Tricep Press Downs = 130 lbs = 5/10; 135 lbs = 7/5/6
Dumbbell Bent-Over Single-Arm Kickbacks = 89 lbs (per arm) 5/5

Work out took a little longer then I thought as I had to find the right weights to do each with but I think I will have it better planned for my next PUSH work out. I had to drop many of the weights I was doing a month ago due to loss in strength, though I know I will bring them quickly back up.

The Peck Deck uses weight plates but it is a machine so don't think anything about the amount of weight I'm using on this. I hadn't used this for 6 years as the most I can put on for plates is 400 lbs and I grew out of this back then. I thought I'd give it a try to see where I was with it to give me something to shoot for. Plus I wanted another exercise just to finish off the chest that would be different then anything I had done in the last while. Only did 3 sets as a 5 set I think would be too much.

Did seated Military Press as I am having trouble doing the standing as I find I shift my legs and any little movement kills my knee. I won't be able to lift as much doing this but I will still get a good shoulder work out. Also threw in the Upright Rows just to finish off the shoulders, though I can't believe how little weight I used. Shoulders are bugging me more then I thought, though after this workout and the days to follow my shoulders actually feel pretty good. I will raise these by 10 lbs for my next workout.

Tricep Press Downs are done on a machine. Kickbacks I love to finish off the triceps with, however I think I put on too much weight as I did not get the full range of motion. I will drop it 10 lbs for the next workout and see how that feels.

Overall I was glad to get back at this. I finished this off with a shower and a protein shake. The protein I purchased was Strawberry ... yuck. I have full tub of this that I have to take ... man I should have went with a flavor I knew I'd like such as Cookies 'N Cream, Vanilla or tried the Banana. As a note, taking this due to laziness of making something. Then I sat back to watch TV and the shows I taped earlier such as Rock Star - Super Nova.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 - Week 405, Day 1075

A little sore today which is surprising as I usually don't feel this for 2 days. Perhaps I did too much with the extras such as the Peck Deck and Upright Rows ... though I mostly feel this in my chest. Love and hate it at the same time.

Turned music on and to warm up I decided to use the glider for 10 minutes just to get the pains out and get ready. After done did my warm up for 10 minutes and it is off to the races.

It is PULL day and I set things up to start with Deadlifts but my knee gave out so stopped immediately. This is a little disheartening but like always I will adapt and carry on.

Seated Rear Lat Pull Downs = 175 lbs = 6/8/7/6/6
Barbell Bent-Over Rows = 200 lbs = 6/6/5/6/6
Dumbbell Seated Concentration Curls = 64 lbs (per arm) = 5; 59 lbs (per arm) = 6/6/5/4

Doesn't seem like much of a workout but if I could have done the Deadlifts I would have felt better. Rear Lat Pull Downs are done on a machine and I will add 5 to 10 lbs next time. Bent-Over Rows I will also add on 5 lbs next time. I choice the Concentration Curls to isolate the arm and make sure I have good form. Also because of a previous injury with my bicep I want to play it safe. Did the 64 lbs but wasn't sure I would be able to repeat the same amount of reps the next set so dropped it 5 lbs however I think I will keep it at the 64 lbs next time.

I was also going to do Preach Curls but I thought that would be overkill especially since I used my biceps in the other exercises ... and maybe another reason why I thought it was going to be difficult to do the next sets of the concentration curls as 64 lbs per arm I usually can pull off with no problem.

Not really happy with this overall day of working out but I just need to get settled in. Also I'm finding I have to stop and not go to failure as I'm used to; still have that old body building mentality. Having to stop knowing you have possibly one more rep in you is hard but I will get used to it; have to make this strengthening thing top priority.

QUESTION: Do you think I should add another exercise to this day?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006 - Week 405, Day 1076

Very sore today and actually almost decided not to work out but I hauled myself downstairs and set things up. Going to try the Deadlifts again even though my knee is till hurting. If not I may do lunges though I have had problems with these as well. Also thought about possibly using my leg attachment and doing Leg Extensions and Leg Curls but we shall see.

I get things set up and the I turn the TV on just to make sure the HDPVR will tape my show and low and behold the end of Cinderella Man is on. I sit back and watch the final fight and now I am pumped. I open of the CD player and now add two more discs to the above albums; Crossfade and Breaking Benjamin ... it is time to rock. I hit the Glider again for 10 to 15 minutes because the body is really sore; again a love hate thing. Did my 10 minute warm up and now it is time for the weights; its LEG day.

Barbell Deadlifts = 310 lbs = 7/6/6/5/5
Seated Calve Raises = 10 x 200 lbs, 10 x 225 lbs, 10 x 250 lbs

I nailed the Deadlifts and will add another 5 to 10 lbs next session. Hands were torn up a bit due to the Deadlifts and I was wearing gloves for this; but I pushed on while doing it ... nothing was going to stop me as I was pumped. Knee was still sore but I kept things slow so as to not shift the knee and things were good. I can't do normal calve raises as the knee doesn't feel good so I modified the machine where I sit down and put the bar across my legs and lift up. It was really digging in so I took a floor mat and rolled it up and put it over my legs. I did the first one and found it too simple. I tried again and it also was too simple. I tried the third and it also was too simple but worked it more then the others. Unfortunately 250 lbs on this machine is the highest it can go but I have tried bench pressing on here before and I compare the 250 lbs on the machine to 300 lbs of free weight. If I decide to do this workout again I will go straight for the 250 lbs and going super slow and hold till the calves really burn. I wanted to do the calve raises as I haven't worked them out forever due to the knee problem.

I felt good about the Deadlifts but I wish there were other leg exercises I could do without having to worry about my knee. Deadlifts are good and I went slow and kept good form and push off with my legs, but they just don't compare to Squats and you don't get as good of a work out. Man, who would have thought I'd be missing doing Squats.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Knee is really bothering me but not as bad as I thought it would. Perhaps I need to work the muscles more as with the month off they may have gotten a little soft. Body really sore today especially the chest still. I know for sure I over worked them but I am liking the feeling. I set things up to do the PUSH day again. I put on the music, hit the glider to warm up the body for 10 minutes and then did my 10 minute warm up. I then layed on the bench and lifted and I knew immediately my body was not ready. I did 1 set of 5 of the 237 lbs and knew I would not be doing myself any favors if I pushed on.

I'm trying to build strength and the muscles should be more rested before working them again. As I've gotten older I have found I have to wait longer between workouts some time and in many cases I can get better results. In fact I've done this workout, the HIT workout and other workouts where I worked out every 4 to 5 days and had results. I think I won't push it and take tonight off.

QUESTION: Do you think I made the right decision or should I have pushed on?

Tomorrow night we have plans so Friday is out of the question for working out. Saturday I golf at 7:45 AM and then we have plans with some friends that night as well. Sunday I plan to tear apart my deck plus help my wife tear out more carpet. The bonus this year goes towards a new deck and laminate floor upstairs except the bedrooms. We are looking foward to these changes though I'm not looking forward to forking out all of that cash. Originally I was going to purchase another sports bike but we agreed that the upgrades to the house should come first. The market around here is crazy and the more you do to your house the more it is worth. I bought our house in 1996 for $112,000 and it was only 4 years old at that time. We were just told that our house is at $300,000 which is sweet. Unfortunately that is only on paper and to sell our house we would have to spend more to get the same ... and with only 8 more years on this house to pay off we will stay here.

Got a little off track but this give you more insight into me and what I go through at my age. Just to let you know being almost 38 doesn't mean a thing and I still feel like I'm young and even with all of the pains I feel great. I'm doing something with my life, I'm focused and dedicated and I will reap those benefits later on. I will have to work out differently and won't be pushing the larger weights like I used to or what a lot of you guys can but I'm still doing it.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will be back at this with Tuesday and Thursday in class. Tuesday will be fundimental movements and forms and Thursday is grappling day. Back at you later then.

#273090 - 07/21/06 12:46 AM Re: Creaky Old Mods Journal [Re: Dereck]
JoelM Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 07/26/04
Posts: 6355
Loc: Georgia, USA
Hey Dereck,
Can't comment on the routine, but wanted to say that you and Cord set great examples for those younger of us and still new to the whole routine. It doesn't matter exactly what workout you're doing or if it's geared towards looking good or being strong, what matters is just that you're doing it. And that you're being smart about it, training hard, but smart. In spite of your injuries and other problems, you haven't sat down and said "oh well", you've gotten up because of them and found ways to work with/around them. Both of you continue to help others who know very little and provide a great inspiration to those who meet you on here.

Thanks to you both.
We should all take ourselves seriously...and then crumple that image up and toss it out the window.

#273091 - 07/21/06 03:32 AM Re: Creaky Old Mods Journal [Re: JoelM]
Cord Offline

Registered: 01/13/05
Posts: 11399
Loc: Cambridge UK.
Aww shucks Joel very kind of you
(psst! Dereck, how much did you pay joel for that post? PM me and i will go dutch with you )

Friday is 'family workout day' this week. ie. The day I take my wife to the swimming pool to do her water rehab work, and whilst she is busy with her own challenges, I get paddling

Its a 25 meter pool, and I use it as follows:

4 lengths alternate crawl/breast stroke- slow powerful strokes
4 lengths breast stroke kick using a kickboard
2 lengths sidestroke.

The above acts as warm up/steady state work.

10 x 50m (2 length)maximal sprints: crawl one length, breast stroke the other. 90 seconds recovery between sets.

2 lengths gentle swim to cooldown.

Thats half a mile in total. Rather than get volume happy, I am always looking to get faster on my sprints, and reduce recovery time. This is only the 3rd time out with this workout. I used to be a pool lifeguard, and had to do swim training as part of my job, so when I quit the fitness industry I was kind of 'swum out'. 3.5 years of dry land later and I am finding it hard work, but enjoyable once again.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'

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