I'm looking to compete in kickboxing and whilst I'm not even close to beating my black-belt instructors, I want to spar in other clubs so I can get greater experience as a fighter, against different styles and people.

So if I come to your club, I would EXPECT:
- to be partnered with various different skills, light-contact sparring both points and continuous to further my education

If you had DOUTB, you COULD:
- limit me to light-contact point-sparring and assess if I'm good enough to even be fighting
- not let me fight at all

All in all, judge the character and give boundaries as you see fit. You could have rules against new people sparring and what not but as a person whom wants to just learn and gain experience, I'd like to think I can go to various clubs and be allowed to spar responsibly.

Just be sure to talk to the person, get on a level with them and assess what they can/can't handle.

From your side though: protect the students you HAVE and give them a good service.