I like those clips Gavin, they both demonstrate a high level of skill (far more than I have!).

But at the same time, I like the way the Wu system is working the pushhands more than most other demonstrations I've seen. Here's why, while most systems work from a 'trapping' range, the Wu system is mostly working from a clinch range. Steve's video is mostly flowing chin na from arms length. A good skill, but I don't know either a)how internal it is (and I can't know because I can't see it demonstrated here, nor have I touched hands with him) b)how martially effective this would be against a concerted attempt to clinch/grapple. I say this from my Aikido/DR background--we worked in this range alot, with similar techniques. That is not to say that this is poor, actually I think flowing chin na skills like this are a really great and important skill to have in these days of lawsuits!

The I Liq Chuan clip is interesting, and the teacher obviously has a lot internal skill. I don't want to comment on what is going on there because he seems to be showing body dynamics, as opposed to actual combative techniques. His body structure is amazing. In his demonstration, he also does work mostly at arms length too, though.

When you look at the Wu clips they are almost always working a clinch range, often after grips have been established...so I tend to think this better suits the reality of grappling.

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