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#428510 - 07/23/10 12:58 AM Re: Captain not-American [Re: bcihak]
iaibear Offline

Registered: 08/24/05
Posts: 1304
Loc: upstate New York
"Captain America" starred Dick Purcell in 13 Saturday matinee episodes.

He was kinda short, uh, vertically challenged.

#428515 - 07/23/10 05:02 AM Re: Captain not-American [Re: iaibear]
bcihak Offline

Registered: 08/12/07
Posts: 298
Loc: Illinois
Actually, that is what the director said during his interview so you may be questioning his patriotism. I know that American Soldiers try their best to do the right thing all the time. Ask vets from Iraq or Afganistan. That is what leads me to believe the movie may not hold true to the character of Captain America. I read the Citizen Soldier and D-Day, by the same author Stephen Ambrose, one of the points he made in the books is that during World War 2, when the German, Russian, Italian and Japanese armies were rampaging across the world, it was the American Soldier, and I am sure he would include the British, Canadian and other allied soldiers, who were the only ones greeted happily by terrified people. The Axis armies and the russians raped, murdered and pilllaged their way across the world, the American soldiers and their allies came as liberators. The director may not understand that .

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#428517 - 07/23/10 09:49 AM Re: Captain not-American [Re: bcihak]
Cord Offline

Registered: 01/13/05
Posts: 11399
Loc: Cambridge UK.
You do know how dumb Joseph McCarthy looks with the hindsight of half a century dont you? How paranoid, how hypocritical, and how contrary to the values of free speech and 'american values' his campaign was?

Ever seen 'V for Vendetta' ? The comic was written by a left wing artist as a critique on where he saw Thatcher's Britain going if taken to its logical, extreme conclusion.

As with all dystopian, Orwellian fiction, it relies on a govt. that censors and controls public thought, in its own interest, but under the guise of benevolence through creating a fear from which people feel they need to be protected.

When they made the movie, the govt. and the London council shut of Parliament square to allow the filming of the climactic scenes.

That in itself shows that the worries that the film addresses, are far away from the reality of our modern Britain.

Art has always, and will always, be the elbow test in the bath of your society. The fact that Hollywood is free to make movies that you percieve as critical and unpatriotic in their outlook, is exactly the rights that Captain America fought for.

The day that Hollywood becomes a pro-govt. propaganda machine is the day that the 'American Way' dies.

I would also add that 'Captain America' was born of WWII. A superhero built for purpose in a unique place in history. He was born of a USA that was reticent to get involved in international affairs, feeling cushioned by self sufficiency, and the protection of the expanse of ocean surrounding it.

The USA of today is very different, and, like it or not, it has, in international policy, come to emulate the structure of Empire.

As with any such system, the message of benevolence, and the assimilation of foreign culture requires an empathic approach to maintain influence and control. The Roman and British colonies maintained their cultures, and the foreign practices became adopted slowly through continued exposure, and winning of hearts and minds by bringing practical measures that improved quality of life. Pockets of resistance continued for years, sometimes decades, but control of the riches and resources of the regions in question made it worth it.

Sound familiar?

Captain America is not now 'anti-american', he is being envisioned for the modern world, and America's place, and agenda within it. Making him a 1940's anachronism in a modern movie would be ridiculous.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'

#428520 - 07/23/10 11:02 AM Re: Captain not-American [Re: Cord]
bcihak Offline

Registered: 08/12/07
Posts: 298
Loc: Illinois
Actually, if you look at the information since the soviet union opened up Joe McCarthy looks more right than wrong. You mean the Thatcher government that with Ronald Reagan helped bring about the fall of the Berlin wall? Sure, Hollywood can make whatever they want, my point, again, is that the director does not understand the country he lives in and its place in the world. We are slowly not assimilating foreign cultures who are moving into our country but much like Britain and France we are accepting enclaves of foreign cultures within our borders. The riots in France within the muslim enclaves, excuse me, the riots by "french youths" and the new brown berets of intolerant immigrants here, in the states are examples of people not assimimlating to the culture of the countries they move to. I have to say that 'V for Vendetta' was another lefty movie that should have looked in the mirror since leftisit policies end up with that sort of society not conservative, pro-individual freedom policies.

Edited by bcihak (07/23/10 11:05 AM)

#428522 - 07/23/10 11:38 AM Re: Captain not-American [Re: bcihak]
bcihak Offline

Registered: 08/12/07
Posts: 298
Loc: Illinois
Oh, I just realized, a socialist government in Britain giving permission to a film company to bash the Thatcher government is not really a symbol of free speech. How about the British government banning the American radio talk show host Michael Savage from visiting Britain, in fact putting him on the watch list with radical islamic extremists. I am not a fan of Michael Savage, but banning him, because he is a conservative radio host, does not really speak well of Britains free speech policy.

#428524 - 07/23/10 12:40 PM Re: Captain not-American [Re: bcihak]
Cord Offline

Registered: 01/13/05
Posts: 11399
Loc: Cambridge UK.
I was not referring to how cultures are recieved in our repsective countries. I was talking about how our countries enforce their presence and cultures in other cultures. You switched tack to avoid acknowledging the similarities between empirs of history, and your current international policy.
You cannot enforce democracy. That is an oxymoron that no amount of flag waving will validate.

As to our 'left wing' govt. of the last 12 years, to consider them such shows a shocking ignorance or what has been going on in the UK under that rule, and where they have been coming from.

Anyway, all this is completely off topic, and not permisable content for this forum. The simple truth is that Hollywood is an industry that relies upon, and caters to, a global community. The fact that the majority of people working within the film industry are american really doesnt matter.

Domestic Gross: $749,705,969
Rest of World: $1,981,220,328

That means that 73% of money made by the studio was made outside the united states.

If the market chooses to cater to its main target customer, then that is capitalism 101 in action, and as an american, you should be proud that a homegrown industry has used its free speech and ambition to flourish on a global stage.

That is the 'American way' after all.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'

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