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#423970 - 12/09/09 09:48 AM Krav Maga, first impressions.
MAGon Offline

Registered: 07/22/03
Posts: 1737
Loc: Miami, Fl.
I've been looking in at some classes of this method, and reading up about it. A couple of things that were obvious from the start:

1. For reasons which IMO have to do with creating a national identity after long years of repression, many in Krav Maga call the art an Israeli "Fully modern method, with no traditional roots" (Paraphrasing one of the websites I visited.).
This kind of reminded me of some KMA adepts denying the Japanese influence in their "original, native" MAs. If that is so, and Krav Maga is only the evolution of the boxing and wrestling techniques that it's creator, Imi Lichtenfeld, was exposed to in his youth, applied to the Middle East battlefields... Then where did the Asian style kicks, and the colored obi ranking system extant in some KM schools, come from?

2. KM training struck me as mostly scenario oriented. Some basic technique is taught and practiced, but the development of proper form doesn't seem to be a concern. It strikes me as a case of KM having picked up, dusted off and perhaps improved the self defense techniques that Shotokan and Judo (For example. There are probably other influences, as well as original techniques.) have mainly divested themselves of, but pretty much ignored the rest.
IMO, just as those TMAs that have left behind their SD roots would do well to borrow a page from KM and go back to them, so KM would do well to imitate the TMAs preoccupation with proper form. As we serious TMAers know, this last isn't developed for esthetic reasons, but for efficient generation of raw power (If on top of that it looks good, that's cool with us, too!).
Based on my very limited reading, this is also the case of the USMC's MCMAP. And I've read that Marine instructors recommend to trooper-trainees that they get involved in TMA training to round out their H2H capabilities!

Your thoughts?
Just when you think something is foolproof, they come out with a new and improved type of fool.

#424020 - 12/13/09 11:17 AM Re: Krav Maga, first impressions. [Re: MAGon]
Prizewriter Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 10/23/05
Posts: 2577

I have only been to one KM class, and we have two local classes near where I live. The stuff I have seen always has a nod towards the origin of KM (i.e. developed during WW2 in Central Europe by resistance fighters based on more traditional methods of fighting e.g. boxing, wrestling).

Over time KM seems to may have taken some more moves from so-called traditional arts. I have always read it was refined post WW" (and indeed it continues to be refined). What most KM classes try to stress is that there method is a "modern" system. It has been created over time to be an effective fighting system (which it may or may not be, depending on who you ask).

I think the whole "Modern system with no traditional roots" has got zip to do with national identity. I think it is more a statement of where KM is now, and I think it is more to do with the idea that as far as KM is concerned traditional martial arts are inefficent and antiquated methods of self-protection. Again, this is open to debate.

The only real benefit I saw from KM from a self-protection point of view was psychological. The whole scneario based thing where someone is yelling and in your face and you then reacted may be of benefit in a "real" situation, as it may break down the mental blocks people have when confronted with agression e.g. "The guy jumped out at me and I just froze"

I never went back to KM because I thought the people running the thing were scarmongering too much. And it wasn't that much fun!

I went to a Systema seminar a year later, and it was 100 times better. Lots of great movement and breathing exercises for controlling the body and mind, and all done with a sense of fun. Very practical for everyday life (we can get stressed doing an exam or at a job interview, for example) and highly enjoyable.
"Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food" Hippocrates.

#424369 - 01/13/10 12:43 AM Re: Krav Maga, first impressions. [Re: Prizewriter]
Boaz Aviram Offline

Registered: 01/13/10
Posts: 2
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#424464 - 01/20/10 04:40 AM Re: Krav Maga, first impressions. [Re: Boaz Aviram]
budogeek Offline

Registered: 01/19/10
Posts: 2
It's not at all what I'm interested in doing with my time (have been involved with TMA for years and love it), but I have a very good friend who is deeply involved with both, and he enjoys taking part in them both.

It's very funny to me that so many modern combative arts like to talk about the "dirty tricks" they use that traditional martial arts "doesn't allow" which I find really funny - since very traditional martial arts has all the same stuff, with a lot of refinement to help give guidance for growth and skill improvement.

I live near the "national training center" for KM, and they've just upgraded their location, so certainly a lot of people are supportive of what they're doing, even if it isn't for me.

#428074 - 07/02/10 08:41 PM Re: Krav Maga, first impressions. [Re: budogeek]
MadPanda Offline

Registered: 07/02/10
Posts: 23
Loc: Raleigh, NC
I have always been interested in learning Krav Maga; however, I was always afraid that one of those "illegal" moves would come out during one of my kickboxing competitions lol
"Where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence."
~ Mohandas Gandhi


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