OK, sorry if this has got all the Australians disappointed but a question about stability and posture (not the kind of rooting you may have been thinking of!).

Basically I have lousy posture, better in recent years but a couple of weak points unaddressed for too long.

I started MA in early 1990's with TKD. Great stuff but the usual tendency of jumping, high kicks etc didn't always lead to a good concept of grounding. That, and a tendency to be a bit of an airhead anyway, led to me having a quite high centre of balance. This was something my wreslting coach commented on when I later took up Backhold.

A good dose of back trouble led to me lowering my own centre to avoid pain. I stayed with this. I then began to practice Tai Chi for a few years (mainly form and a bit of push-hands).

Now, funny thing is, although this lowered my centre and gave me a bit more stability, my rooting is still pretty rubbish. In push-hands I still found myslef rolling backwards or over balancing forwards.

I'm now studying Wing Chun and have similar problems. I find what feels like a good, solid stance... nicely rooted, and then find I'm going wildly off balance when we start pushing, sticking-hands etc. I also have a tendency to collapse the chest when relaxing the shoulders.

I've suggested to my sifu it might be something to do with weak points in the thorasic and neck section of my spine. Perhaps also to do with my tendency to use the sides of my foot more (I forget the term).

Now, am I just being paranoid here or is this a real problem? Any advice/ideas?

Thanks in advance (and apologies again to the Australians).
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