Explosive power through Form Boxing

May 22nd-23rd, 2010, 9:00am - 5:00pm

YMAA Boston
38 Hyde Park Avenue
(Across from the Forest Hills T Stop)
Jamaica Plain, MA

Xingyiquan is a popularly known Chinese internal art. It is also known as "Form Boxing," and is based on the movements and inner characteristics of 12 animals.

While it takes years to master, Xingyiquan is a very practical and easy to learn Martial Art that is perfect for beginners or practitioners of other styles. Xingyiquan was originally taught to peasants in Chinese feudal times in order to quickly turn them into soldiers. Xingyiquan consists of aggressive offensive and defensive techniques with explosive bursts of power.

Because it's also an Internal artform (i.e. Tai Chi, Baguazhang), there are also tremendous health benefits that come as part of your practice.

This seminar teaches foundation, theory, footwork, 2-person drills, and Five Element Fists.


This seminar will focus on teaching a strong foundation to Xingyiquan practice. During the seminar, you will learn:

A brief history and theory of Xingyiquan
Foundation work for beginning to intermediate students
Proper footwork and rooting
2-person drills
The Five Elements Fists


YMAA instructor Ken Craggs studied Xingyiquan for many years under Tai Ngo, who is a disciple and longtime student of Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. Ken will be leading the exercises of this weekend seminar.


Everybody is welcome to attend this Xingyiquan seminar. Previous martial arts experience is a plus, but not required. Attendance is limited, so register soon. This seminar will benefit:

Martial artists of all styles who would like to learn the internal art of Xingyiquan
Beginning and intermediate Xingyiquan practitioners wishing to solidify their foundation and practice
Practitioners who want to learn the Five Elements Fists in a structured and well-paced manner

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