We have hereby inform you of the completion of training for instructors of stick fighting and self-defense, level 1.

The Jogo do Pau is a traditional portuguese stick fighting system and it is also a cultural heritage. It originates from the medieval warriors´ weapon and stick techniques. Embeded with the Portuguese spirit, these techniques were perserved until our days. In Lisbon, Jogo do Pau was developed since the end of the XIXth century according to a unique style with sporting characteristics.

Currently the portuguese stick fencin can also be a competition sport and as a sefl-defense system since it is highly efficient. It also develops the personality and the personal and social skills.

About the Master:

Nuno Russo: He was awarded the title of Master in traditional portuguese fencing by the technical directorate of the Jogo do Pau Association in 1976. He recuperated and systemized all the techniques of the different schools and techniques of portuguese stick fighting and created his own school of lusitanian fencing in 1986.
He is the international technical director of the National Jogo do Pau Federation since 2002. He teaches at the Ginásio Clube Português since 1979.

Nuno Mota: started practicing traditiona portuguese fencing at the age of 8 and was awarded the degree of Master in 1995. He is the technical director of the Jogo do Pau Association of Lisbon since 1991. Nuno Mota is international judge recognized by the National jogo do Pau Federation.
For the Students shall be awarded with

the 3rd Technical Degree of the Santo Condestável school (Nuno Russo Method).
the degree of Monitor (trainer), which allows the student to teach until his level.
Certification issued by the National Jogo do Pau Federation with the technical level as well as the degree
Program with the techniques for that level
Contents of the Course

Stick fighting techniques of the degree in question
Teaching method for such techniques
Self Defense techniques
Competition highlight.

Informations and Registration:
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