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#383464 - 03/03/08 09:45 AM Re: Is Krav Maga loosing its reputation? [Re: martialartspeon]
JasonM Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 03/17/05
Posts: 2502
Well, i wouldn't say they don't give a chit about rank. If you look at the IKMA they wear colored belts and KMWW do not wear belts but their equivalent is level's which equate to belt colors. It would be nice but I think hard to do away with levels/belts.
90 percent of good abs is your nutrition

#383465 - 03/03/08 05:37 PM Re: Is Krav Maga loosing its reputation? [Re: JasonM]
TomTom Offline

Registered: 03/12/07
Posts: 35
Loc: UK
I think that unfortunatly that some of you have just been unlucky with the schools you have been too, and the instructors you've had..?
And that is something that is probably more of a issue across all types of MA.
I'm very lucky it seems, have very small classes (average about 12 people) no selling in of equipment. No gradings, no levels/belts etc.
This is told to you from the start. If thats what your into then fine there are plenty classes that will kit you out in shiny gear and give you a belt for a fee.
The issue that people have on this thread is across all MA not just Krav.
It has grown rapidly and therefore there is money to be made. And plenty of people will use purely as a money earning machine. If the class you first visit come across that way, then don't go.
I remember visiting a well known ju-jitsu class and being told I would get my first belt when I referred someone new to the class. At that point I walked.
If there had been a class of two hundred - I would have walked.
To me paying for instruction is the same as buying a car. I'm not going to hand my money over for just anything!
Shop wisely!
He who dares wins, Rodney!

#383466 - 03/07/08 07:54 PM Re: Is Krav Maga loosing its reputation? [Re: drmickey]
Mr_Davies_VA Offline

Registered: 02/01/08
Posts: 6
Loc: VA
I think that people confuse combative arts with commercial arts. what I emphasize to my students is that the test is there to establish a measurable standard for evaluation. The purpose of the art is not a belt or a score; but to develop a combat mindset and the skills to execute the intent of that mindset... to defeat any enemy through maneuver and overwhelming force. True Krav will never lose it's reputation, only the McDonalds' brand studios and courses. If you can't tell the difference, look for flare.
"Anything worth fighting for is worth fighting dirty for."

#383467 - 03/07/08 10:07 PM Re: Is Krav Maga loosing its reputation? [Re: Mr_Davies_VA]
Stormdragon Offline
Who Dares Wins
Professional Poster

Registered: 08/05/04
Posts: 3409
Loc: Salem, OR
In Israel, isn't "Krav Maga" just the basic entro training anyway? It seems to me that it was never meant to be the whole deal and the be all end all or anything, just a quick way to make regular guys into competent fighters who have a chance with little training time and thus the curriculum is abbreviated and focused on mind set and conditioning drills. In Israel I thought that the advanced and more extensive stuff came from Lotar/Kapap. It's like US Army Basic Combat training vs. Advanced Individual Training (I can't wait-Fort Benning here I come in just a few months!). I think it has been marketed to be something it's not. To me it seems a great way to make regular guys into decent fighters and more importantly, aggressive and instinctual and maybe to give some good assistance to a traditional martial arts system.
I dont think it's supposed to be a full on martial art, just an introductory and quick fix way to learn to fight, and it does supplement regular martial arts well.
Of course what do I know I'm 17 and have been training for all of 5 years (not consistent either till 2.5 years ago, just off and on till then).
If you need to learn fast like a soldier, then it's the best, if you want to supplemtn your regular ma training with something a bit more real (like a TKD blackbelt friend of mine), but if you want a complete system that will keep you growing for life then I think it's best to look elswhere.
Member of DaJoGen MMA school under Dave Hagen and Team Chaos fight team under Denver Mangiyatan and Chris Toquero, ran out of Zanshin Martial Arts in Salem Oregon:,

#383468 - 03/08/08 07:58 AM Re: Is Krav Maga loosing its reputation? [Re: martialartspeon]
BrianRVanCise Offline

Registered: 05/14/06
Posts: 110
Loc: Alma, Michigan
I think we have multiple layers of Krav Maga practitioners out there. (this goes for many martial systems)

1) There are the real hard core type of Krav Maga practitioners (they don't care about anything other than practiticing and training)

2) We have the people who just want to show up train a little, etc.

3) We have the people who just want to say they did Krav Maga

Now here is where it really gets tricky in that you have the same layers of instructors out there.

1) You have the real deal Krav Maga instructor all the time and train, hard and intense. They are simply into it!

2) You have the Krav Maga instructor who is good but wants to make money.

3) You have the Krav Maga instructor who trained for three days and now is teaching the material.

As a student of Krav Maga you have to look very carefully to distringuish who you want to train under and with.

#383469 - 03/08/08 09:53 AM Re: Is Krav Maga loosing its reputation? [Re: BrianRVanCise]
MattJ Offline
Free Rhinoplasty!

Registered: 11/25/04
Posts: 15634
Loc: York PA. USA
Excellent breakdown, Brian! Right on target, IMHO.
"In case you ever wondered what it's like to be knocked out, it's like waking up from a nightmare only to discover it wasn't a dream." -Forrest Griffin

#383470 - 03/09/08 09:21 AM Re: Is Krav Maga loosing its reputation? [Re: BrianRVanCise]
JasonM Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 03/17/05
Posts: 2502
Yep, that sums it up.
90 percent of good abs is your nutrition

#383471 - 04/24/08 01:18 PM Re: Is Krav Maga loosing its reputation? [Re: martialartspeon]
KMStudent Offline

Registered: 04/24/08
Posts: 5
Iīve trained in both IKMF and KMWW. Krav Maga World Wide is a joke. Itīs MMA, not Krav. The ikmf could be doing better, but if you compare both, the IKMF has more quality than KMWW. Itīs disapointing to go to KMWW seminars and classes.

#383472 - 04/24/08 01:26 PM Re: Is Krav Maga loosing its reputation? [Re: KMStudent]
JasonM Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 03/17/05
Posts: 2502
How about IKMA with David Kahn?
90 percent of good abs is your nutrition

#383473 - 04/24/08 05:08 PM Re: Is Krav Maga loosing its reputation? [Re: martialartspeon]
JKogas Offline

Registered: 01/25/03
Posts: 10818
Loc: North Carolina
I would wager that among combat athletes, KM never really HAD a "reputation" that they really gave a crap about.

I would also say that among the general martial arts public, particularly the fringe people, they might be more easily swayed by whatever happens to be the flavor of the month.

That only means that "next month", they will repackage the wine into a new bottle.



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