I'd pretty much agree. The last thing you want to do o nthe street, is go all Bruce Lee on someone (or several people). The best thing you can do is stack advantages in your favor to increase the liklihood of coming out intact. When you go bare handed there tends to be wayy too much that can go wrong; too many variables. In the Army the goal of martial arts training is A. to provide a last ditch weapon if you have no other options and B. provide a way to survive and control an engagement till you can either get a weapon that gives you some advantage or link up with buddies (who have weapons) and in the civilian world it gives you a way to neutralise the threat well enough to effectively escape using bare hands when you that's all you have.
You should always strive to find something to give you an advantage i.e a weapon of some sort, obstacles so you can get away, buddies, whatever. And then try and escape when there's a good opportunity. Your first instinct really shouldn't be to take care of every self defense situation you can with unarmed skills and if you do then make it pre-emptive if you know something is coming. Either way it's always best to get as much of an upperhand as possible (without going to extremes anyway). The last thing you want is for it to be fair or to be at the disadvantage. And thats' where situational awareness comes in, you can learn to see your options ahead of time.
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