We just completed a major website update. Here are some of the new material:

New Firearms Article:


New Simunition Training page with a video clip of training conducted for a group of German security guys:


We added a page for other video production we've done. We now have our paintball DVD "OPERATION CHAOS" and the Shred Guitar instructional available. Each one has a sample video clip:


We just finished a three day program for the San Luis Obispo County Code Enforcement officers. They come in each year for unarmed training. They are the ones who go out into the county rural areas and find all the meth labs and pot fields while investigating illegal structures etc. on peoples property.

We are in the process of filming new "weekly" training clips. These will be short and cover many different areas. Coming soon...

Schedule is opening up a bit too.

Stay tuned.

Demi Barbito
Demi Barbito