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#421897 - 08/27/09 02:31 AM Nunchaku:Effective Close-Range Weapon
qksilver Offline

Registered: 08/26/09
Posts: 7
To watch a video of Master Instructor Rick Tew demonstrating a Wrist Roll Nunchaku, please follow the link below.

To learn and watch more videos on Nunchaku, Martial Arts, weapons, skills and techniques, training programs and camps, please go to Rick Tew's NinjaGym.

"A nunchaku is two sections of wood connected by a cord or chain, though variants may include additional sections of wood and chain. The ideal length of each piece should be long enough to protect the forearm when held in a high grip near the top of the shaft.

The nunchaku is claimed to be a very effective close-range weapon by its proponents. When used in combat, the nunchaku provides the obvious advantage of an increase in the reach of one's strike. Somewhat difficult to control, the rope or chain joint of the nunchaku adds the benefit of striking from unexpected angles. Practitioners of the flashier styles contend that the motion of the nunchaku is often found distracting by opponents, who may have trouble keeping up with the nunchaku's rapid movement. In addition, the reach of the nunchaku is often underestimated, even by those experienced with its use." - from Wikipedia.

#421902 - 08/27/09 06:12 AM Re: Nunchaku:Effective Close-Range Weapon [Re: qksilver]
karl314285 Offline

Registered: 02/17/09
Posts: 326
Loc: The Matrix, Serif is Teacher
Hi and welcome,

first: just some info that may already be known...

Second: then my "displeasure" over issues with the common lack Instructors make (or I didnt see most this gentleman's videos) when teaching and/or demonstrating ANY sectioned cudgel (nunchaku, bo-chaku, three section staff)
OR flexible weapons (Kusari-Kama, 9 section chain whip , rope dart, etc)...or tarnation, most weapons smile

Third: I aint tryin to make out like I know all there is to know nor how to use all these weapons, names are important and the second is a pet peeve, thats all

1.) Nunchaku-

a.]the longer (more sectioned) a cudgel or flexible a weapon is , is TO ALLOW more distance from opponent (usually armed).It is already known that it is good at close range dont dis yo weapons true value in its potential variety of ranges, use of the himo or kusari ( to trap opponents limb and throw or damage or weapon (to trap and/or strip)is good close app., need I give example of med range technique??

b.]as these sectioned cudgel or flexible weapon (please dont confuse the two) can be folded they allow use at different ranges (nunchaku:med and close. three section staff: long, med and close. rope dart: 20+ feet to less distant to long to med to close) close is always an imbued aspect of such weapons, truly it is the trapping and variety of distances available as well as...

c.]by virtue of dead dude Newton-man and his "wish I coulda got-a-Patent" laws of centrifugal/centripetal forces, the weapon as extension of body amplifies the Force young Jedi, among other stuff I shouldnt need to note here

d.]Proper nomenclature:
Himo-the CORD connecting the two cudgel/stick
kusari-the Chain connecting the two stick
Konto- The end of each stick where the himo, blahblah, enters the said stick
Ana-hole where kusari/himo enters stick
Jokon-Bu- upper 1st third of cudgel (w/ ana and himo)
Chukon-Bo-middle third
Kikon-Bu-final third furthest from himo and ana
Kontei- like the Bo, the very end of each

As Dozer said to Neo starting training "That's major boring stuff, how about quit the flashy flips, tosses and making cool noises in the air and try fighting programs?"-Dozer

"you mean ...dont let go of my weapon and actually find out what happens when another of dead dude Newton-mans' laws (Every force applied has an equal and opposite reaction) is enforced by hitting MORE THAN THE AIR!!!...WOOOHHhh dude."-Neo

***at least youtube has a vid of a Monk using a meteor hammer w/ a 20 ft rope precisely and accurately (the are not synonyms) destroying multiple hanging targets surrounding him without pausing....Type in rope dart or meteor hammer.

a.]yes flips and tosses improve ones ability and intimacy with the weapon but (unless forced to by injury,say) letting go of ones weapon is a resort that is not so smart lets say unless to close with the opponent (attachment of mind to ones weapon is a "disease" as Munenori would say)
b.) I like air...its good...SO (as w/ the youtube Monk) WHY DO SEEMINGLY NO practitioners of sectioned cudgels ever show videos of striking objects....

Hypothesis: THEY NEVER HAVE. apologies if wrong. The shorter a sectioned cudgel, the faster the striking end rebounds, and if not learned... the rebound will hurt...BAD.

Solution: start basic strikes on a post (heck if you want to get whacky...stab a turkey carcass (waste of food) on the post)....

***Basic strikes, to a non air target, YOU learn how to control the rebound as I had to...not everything is free:)
***try cool flips and tosses vs. partner w/ foam baton
***Please try ALL possible ranges inherent in the design of the sectioned or flexible weapon (Nunchaku- like kuobaton, like two kubaton, use of himo to obtain wrist lock/weapon stripping, to proper grip and yse as med range cudgel Against something other than the air...


Karl. Peace.
do not try to spork the post, for that is impossible, only realize there is no post to spork

#421935 - 08/27/09 06:12 PM Re: Nunchaku:Effective Close-Range Weapon [Re: karl314285]
karl314285 Offline

Registered: 02/17/09
Posts: 326
Loc: The Matrix, Serif is Teacher
Hi Me,

In case anyone missed it...IMHO

1.) All sectional cudgels and flexible weapons ARE EFFECTIVE CLOSE RANGE WEAPONS

2.)I consider Nunchaku to be medium range as well as categorically also existing in #1 above.

****I forgot to mention ....if swapping out worn for new Himo, pay attention how it comes apart and a Marlins Spike is an indispensable tool feeding the cord.

****practice in striking so as to not have hand or wrist "discomfited" will not work with foam practice type and hurts more with kusari as opposed to himo bound nunchaku.

***I personally see nunchaku as a stepping stone to three section staff which has been my setup to 9 section chain whip, so far odly the longer 9 section whip has caused me more pain and "I am rodent dung" feelings as the slower it is gyrated the more prone to get the rest, if things work well...10 more years maybe rope dart?

Karl. Peace.
do not try to spork the post, for that is impossible, only realize there is no post to spork


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