We are happy to announce these competitors who have qualified to go to ADCC Nationals 2010
Male Divisions:

-65.9kg - Rick Chavez - Jacksons MMA
-76.9kg - Marcello Mafra - Checkmate
-87.9kg - Nivaldo Oliveia - Checkmate
-98.9kg - John Juadines- Sergio Pena
+99kg - Dave Margraf - Gustavo BJJ


Next up is ADCC Northeast this August 14th and 15th. Registration is open to all levels and all ages. Remember, that the Regionals will feed into the 2010 Nationals. If you want your chance to compete at ADCC Nationals 2010, this is your shot.


Also, there is a FREE seminar with ADCC Standout Marcello Garcia. Just pre-register for ADCC Northeast and you will be learning for the great. Seminar starts at 6:30pm Friday, August 14th st at The Edge MMA Center.

We will be having early registration and early weigh ins form 6 - 9pm at The Edge MMA center on August 14th. Late Registration and weigh-ins starts at 8am on Saturday August 15th at the arena.

ADCC Great Lakes on September 12th in Grand Rapids, MI will be open for registration soon.

Hope to see you all in New Jersey.