Regarding the tsuki no kata the Wikipedia article on Kyokushin says: "The kata Tsuki no kata is also unique to the style of Kyokushin karate and styles that derivatives from it. Although there is some debate on who created it, as it is never attributed to Mas Oyama. One common theory is that it was created by Tadashi Nakamura before his parting from the kyokushin organization."

I think this might be wrong. I found a "kihon tsuki no kata" which was created by a Seigo Tada of Seigokan Goju Ryu. He was a pupil of Chojun Miyagi and a Karate teacher at Ritsumeikan University. Maybe there was a connection to Oyama via Gogen Yamaguchi, who was at Ritsumeikan, too. Does anyone know?

The kihon tsuki no kata looks similar to Kyokushin/Seido tsuki no kata: