Look no further than Thailand for how to train elbows and knees.
Thai boxing makes use of a good pad man to train them.Trainers are normaly ex fighters so the pad work is fed as realistic as possible.
I think pad work is the next best thing for full contact elbow ,knee work next to actual fights involving them.

Elbows are best used to cut and freak the guy out with blood or have it blind them a bit,so in that sense I dont think that intent is suited to sparring as the sharpe cutting motion is hard to fake so I dont see the point in going light in a spar with elbows unless its for the defender to learn defense against them.

Thats from an open position.

A closed position ,as in clinched, Im still learning so I guess it has to be light or again have good pad equipment and body pads and also good pad trainers.A combination of heavy pad work and lighter work where the clinching part and getting position is looked at more and done full yet the finishing with elbows and knees is done lighter.It can done lighter as in theory the finish is only done or available when you have the important ,dominant position.

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