Total Body Defense Goshinkwai’s founder and chief Instructor Alun Williams will be a offering his first U.S. seminar in Orlando, Fl. on August 20th, 2008.

Alun trained predominantly in the Goshinkwai Ryu Yawara Renmei system. It incorporates principles of striking, grappling & footwork and is a pure combat/self-defense.

Many of his students have progressed to run their own established classes and some have gone on to train some of the worlds most elite forces including the renown S.A.S. Alun's professional approach to his training and running of the organisation has been reflected in the outstanding quality of his first Instructional DVD release, which won DVD of the Year at the Seni2008, Europe's largest Martial Arts Exhibition as well as numerous high-level reviews and offically endorsed by John Mac, ex-SAS Veteran.
Alun just recently made 7 pages of Martial Arts Illustrated this month, the UK's leading MA magazine, which is also sold worldwide.

Best of all - the cost for this seminar is only $5.

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