Sorry for the late replies folks,

I've been around looking at things;

The goju places are the same like always so yeah, I kind of skipped them.

Shotokan dojo's seem interesting technique wise, but they're too heavily into choreographed 'sparring'.

Ashihara I need to check out when I get more free time.

I checked out a WTF TKD place. I really like their chopkicks and 'non-flying' spin kicks. True not much low kicks but heck, I've trained MT for a while, doubt I need to learn how to do low roundhouses

Ashihara, if like what you said, is growing partial on me due to the fact of using kicks WHILST holding someone, and idea which is almost heretical in Thailand (New MT rule, no high kicks while holding a limb).


Want to try something really difficult? Try Tai Chi and you'll realise how clumsy you really are.

I realized the same when I tried ice-skating last week...

Thanks for all your advices, I'll do some more research and update you guys as I progress.

-Taison out
I got two fists.. Don't make me use my head as well!