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BBC are showing a documentary series called "Wild China" essentially it is a 6-part series about wildlife of China. It is fascinating stuff, and BBC are the best makers of wildlife documentaries in world, of that there is no doubt.

It deals with animals of China, but also the relationship of the people of China and animals.

The second episode is due to air tonight. If you are quick, you can view the the first episode on the BBC iplayer (BBC iplayer is an online feature that allows any show BBC channels to be viewed withing 7 days of it's broadcast).

Just thought it may be of interest to folks here who study Chinese MA because Nature/Animal association with Chinese MA. It isn't really a MA documentary, but as I say, it relates to a topic that as I understand it, plays a key role in lots of Chinese MA.

Just type in "Wild China" in the Find Programme section. In the first episode, there is some footage of the White Crane of Southern China. It at no point gets in to a fight with a snake/mongoose/tiger though!

Some more about the show:
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