first off I hope this is the correct forum for this post, if not please let me know, I am new to the community tho have lurked for a while. I've also posted this same msg on sherdog, hope this if okay (again, if not plz let me know)

What is the best bar/location in Montreal to watch this event??

I met Dana White down on St. Catherine today, very cool experience (& total coincidence). He was very friendly and chill, and I'm glad I had the chance to say hi & shake his hand. Seemed as though he set aside part of his evening to walk the main strip and say hi to fans, and I have to say he was greeted like a rock star, seems everyone on the strip recognized him! Haven't seen anything quite like it....

anyway I'm very interested in catching tomorrow's event, any Montrealers on here pls gimme the goods on a great bar where I can check it out.

Thanks a lot,