Rick Tew College of Martial Science

April 22nd, 2008
Join us for a 2 week adventure in THAILAND learning the Martial Science while traveling in one of Asia's most amazing locations. This two week adventure will take you into Bangkok Thailand and from there you will get to see mountains, islands and the famous cities you hear about across the globe.

This program is free to HSP members and $500. for non-members. The fee includes 22 hours of training sessions according to our schedule.for a two week period. All other expenses are your responsibility.

If you are interested in attending this or any of our other programs simply contact via one of the options below: Phone: 1-866-742-5839 or 1-805-277-4885

E-mail: support@ninjaninja.com

On-line Member of HSP: Send a message to Ogden or NinjaNinja and RSVP for this event