Krav Maga around the world is becoming a bit of a joke. People dont do their research and investigation. I am from South Africa and i once fell victim to fakes.

Plain and simple with out talking bad about anyone
Grand Master Haim Gidon of the IKMA Israeli Krav Maga Association is the highest ranked in the world. The IKMA was established By IMI himself and Haim was his chosen successor.

EX- IKMA Black Belts- created their own organisations IKMF- KMWW- KMG. If you are not part of these organisation the i hate to tell you- you are not training in Israeli Krav Maga.

Fakes IKI- CKM- IKMA (international Krav maga association)

IKI in South Africa are a bunch of very confused individuals who seem to think that they are the gods of krav maga... hahaha.

South Africa only has 2 authentic Fully certified instructors 1 of the IKMA and 1 of the IKMF.

I did my research interviewed the correct people- proof is in the pudding- speak to private investigator rob hamoc for the truth.