I directed a film called Le Bonheur de la Liberte (the Bliss of Freedom). It is a film about the power of meditation and the positive impact it has on many peoples' lives. The film is part of the YouTube Project Direct competition. It has been selected as one of 20 finalists out of thousands of films and is now being featured on the site. The winner of the competition will now be decided by online votes. We are asking all people interested the betterment of the world through meditation to go vote for our film so the message can reach more people and we can have opportunities to make feature lenght films about meditation.

In order to vote you have to sign-up for a YouTube account (unless
you already have one). To do so go here:

Once you have signed up for an account go to:
http://www.youtube.com/projectdirect and click on the "Vote" tab.
Using the search field at the bottom of the voting area, search for
"Bliss" and click on hinjufilms. That will bring up our film, Le
Bonheur de la Liberté (The Bliss of Freedom).

To vote for our film click on the Thumbs Up. You can vote 3 times a day, simply click on hinjufilms at the bottom of the voting area and it will refresh the thumbs up.

Please vote everyday until December 9th, it will only take a few
seconds after you have signed up and it will help us get our film into
the Sundance film festival!

Also, it would be awesome if you would send this message to everyone you
know that would want to help out. It would really help our chances.

Thank You Very Very Much,
Jeremy Cohen