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#366708 - 10/24/07 10:17 AM Re: Defending your wallet against Krav Maga. . . [Re: BrokenNose]
JasonM Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 03/17/05
Posts: 2502
Hhmm, sounds like a bad situation and sorry to hear that. If possible can you post the contract and ensure the names, identities are cleared? I don't think there is a problem with posting their website for discussion.

Also, you can email Krav Maga HQ and get feedback from them.

Depending on what the contract states, I would take some of the suggestions mentioned in this thread. I would be really surprised if the contract states you have to wear Krav Maga attire during class. Again, seeing the contract will help and it will let you know what you can do without violating the contract.

I believe you weren't concerned with being a Super fighter, and just want to keep in shape and learn Self Defense. You can do that without attending the "seminars". Unfortunately, you won't progress in rank if that is their requirement. It is sad that there are some rogue schools out there and even though they are affiliated with KMAA they can still do what the wish, to an extent.
90 percent of good abs is your nutrition

#366709 - 10/24/07 01:12 PM Re: Defending your wallet against Krav Maga. . . [Re: JasonM]
RazorFoot Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 12/01/04
Posts: 2064
Loc: Seated at the computer, DUH
I was caught up in a similar situation once and was able to get out of it by simply telling them I was moving out of the area. I let them know I was moving approx 60 miles away and that the commute would be impossible for me to make given my situation. Don't know if that would work for you but I was able to make it work for me.

Good luck with your situation. If all else fails, Brians input is where I would go. Stick it out if you can not escape and simply give them nothing more than the bare minimum, disregarding anything (seminars, etc) that deals with rank.

"The greatest way to live with honor in this world is to be what we pretend to be."

#366710 - 10/26/07 09:34 AM Re: Defending your wallet against Krav Maga. . . [Re: RazorFoot]
vxmequalsf Offline

Registered: 03/21/06
Posts: 9
Hey, sorry to hear your situation. Definitely not all KM schools are like the bad experience you've described. One KM school I attended did require KM "official" clothing but then didn't strictly enforce the rule.

What length of time did you sign a contract for six months, a year?


#366711 - 10/27/07 09:54 AM Re: Defending your wallet against Krav Maga. . . [Re: BrokenNose]
fileboy2002 Offline

Registered: 11/13/05
Posts: 999
Loc: Chicago, IL
I have heard similar complaints about Krav Maga several times.

It seems Krav Maga is a victim of its own sudden popularity. A few years ago, it burst forth as the trendy new thing on the MA scene. This created ample opportunties for price gauging and other abuses.

#366712 - 11/08/07 04:35 PM Re: Defending your wallet against Krav Maga. . . [Re: BrokenNose]
revitup Offline

Registered: 11/08/07
Posts: 2
Hey Broken-Nose-Newbie-- you are having a bad KM trip! If you are in NY Long Island area, I strongly urge you to train where I do in Hicksville (KMLI). My membership costs me around 120 per month and I can train as often as I like. The only 'required' uniform is a KM t-shirt OR (if you haven't done a wash!) a black t-shirt. Otherwise, we wear what we wear. There's no push to buy anything (though there is plenty of cool stuff in the pro-shop area), and members get big discounts on specialty seminars (gun, knife, what have you). There's no charge for belt tests, so no upselling there. Plus I can take the 8 grappling classes per month for free as part of my membership! If I wanted, I could train 3 hours per day 6 days per week on my plan. Anyway, not all schools are like the one you are describing. Good luck!

#366713 - 11/24/07 02:22 PM Re: Defending your wallet against Krav Maga. . . [Re: revitup]
BrokenNose Offline

Registered: 10/23/07
Posts: 12
revitup, your school sounds great.

ďStudent agrees to follow school rules as promulgated from time to time.Ē Thatís what it says on the contract. My attorney tells me that this means I am screwed. They can do anything they want and I am supposed to like it. Iíd like to say more about the contract but this school has strict rules on broadcasting any info on them that is not approved by them and frankly, their attorney is bigger than my attorney.

Anyway, I finally had it and walked out of class. It was extremely full and some students were three to a heavy bag. Iíve been in many world class gyms and dojos and Iíve never had to go through a bag class where you only get to use the bag one third of the time. Iíve been a member of some great schools and this is not said to say that I am some kind of bad ass, but to say that Iíve seen how great schools go about teaching.

So, I spoke to representative of the school and I was told that it was extremely disrespectful to him, the school, the owners and the tradition of Krav Maga to just walk out of class. I apologized and the rep accepted. Truthfully, I have some regrets about the apology but I did it.

The rep said that KM was growing by leaps and bounds and soon everyone I met would either know someone studying KM or be skilled in KM. The rep stated that their school was saving lives throughout the metroplex and that I was lucky to be in on the ground floor of such a great movement.

Finally, we talked money and my unhappiness at how classes are taught and filled. The response was that they could not turn anyone away that needed to be trained. They said that I should open my mind to new and innovative ideas. Bottom line, they said, what would I do if I was in their place. No way were they going to cap class limits. Not to compare, but in a gym step class, if more people than steps available show up, they donít get to participate. They said that maybe I need private lessons at $150 per hour.

Am I wrong in my thinking or is free enterprise getting in my way? Ok, so if they cap class, obviously, they lose money, right? They don't grow. As a student, consumer, I'm looking for top service for top dollar, but does this mean accepting less or different because they are trying to accommodate so many?

You know, am I wrong? If I go to a restaurant, get seated and there are only 20 seats and more people come in, am I being closed minded because I do not want someone else sitting with me at my table?

Just as a note, I have nothing against Krav Maga and its philosophies. I think it is a valid form of self-defense.

#366714 - 11/24/07 08:09 PM Re: Defending your wallet against Krav Maga. . . [Re: BrokenNose]
Dedicated1 Offline

Registered: 12/27/05
Posts: 399
Loc: Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
There should be a limit to how many students are in a class based on what it can handle. There needs to be the proper ratio of students and equipment. Plus there shouldn't be so many students that it becomes a safety factor or you have students sitting out part of the time. That's poor management. If the classes are to big then they need to add more classes, simple as that. If they don't have room in there schedule to add another class then they need to put a cap on the number of students. They said they can't turn people away who want to learn to defend themselves, but if your sitting out at times or having to share equipment how are you learning anything? Sounds more like they can't turn away the money and they don't want to cap their income.
If your in a "Fair Fight", your tactics suck.

#366715 - 11/28/07 09:43 AM Re: Defending your wallet against Krav Maga. . . [Re: Dedicated1]
EMJ Offline

Registered: 11/28/07
Posts: 1

If you would like, you can email or pm me. I have had a similiar situation.

#366716 - 12/07/07 04:03 PM Re: Defending your wallet against Krav Maga. . . [Re: EMJ]
PSYOPS Offline

Registered: 03/12/06
Posts: 25

The return of the Psyoper is complete!!!!

I feel your pain Brokenose. I want though to understand why you think its ok for you to train in a school without the proper uniform? If you understood that the t-shirt is required when you signed up, you should comply. What other schools exsist that allow students to wear whatever they want to class? Not many.

As far as the "required" seminars goes, that is just nonsense. You are being sold a line of b.s. A required training seminar is absolute garbage unless its some type of special certification. Where do you train? What organization do you train under?

#366717 - 12/10/07 10:05 PM Re: Defending your wallet against Krav Maga. . . [Re: PSYOPS]
nobodyspecial Offline

Registered: 07/09/07
Posts: 1
I'm about to go to an intro Krav Maga class in a couple of weeks. Its' the LA National Training Center. Does anyone have any experience with this place?

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