So this is only marginally health and nutrition related, but this morning I ran the "Big House Big Heart" 5K race in Ann Arbor. The race ended up with us running across the 50 yard line and being televised on the jumbotron.

I had no problems breathing during the race, but once I crossed the finish line on the Wolverine field I started having a pretty violent allergic reacton. Eyes watering, violent sneezes and becoming a general mucous factory

Now, I grew up in deep Buckeye country so I'm sure there is something sinister involved! I had planned on running in a Jim Tressel sweater vest but then I would have been tear gassed for sure!! (I'm not entirely ruling it out as is =)

I'm sure this post means nothing to those who have no idea about OSU vs. Michigan. Think, running a race in a Liverpool jersey amongst 5,000 Manchester United fans.

On a more "health" related note, I finished in abysmal time. I hadn't ran in 2 months, so I ran the first mile in 7:30, the second in 7:15, and the third in 9:00 lol blah. Time to hit the pavement and redeem myself...