Tek9 wrote - However, taking in the concepts of destructions and before during after principles of JKD I've begun to apply the very most basic tools of kenpo against a live opponent.

I am now capable of getting within range of using some of the "tricks" that one learns in a kenpo school. HOwever, once the clinch is applied i'm afraid kenpo is thrown out the window. At least for me....currently.

Me - Really most Karate or striking MA changes under boxing rules or gloved. 1st thing is you can't grab and hold. Thats were we start multiple strikes when the guy can't get out a hold. So this isn't a strike against Kenpo. U seem to be explororing your options and doing well but know glove sparring offer difference in open hand.

As for the clinch thats a techniques that suppose to stop multiple strikes, you have to pot shot and look/work for your strikes in a clinch. And the range changes from kicks and fist to knees, short shots, upper cuts and elbows (incidently Kenpo/Karate has plenty of those). So it is just you that throws AMK like moves out the window.

Kenpo stresses speed equals power they have power techniques that can hurt with one shot usually combinations with a ending power shot. Which is sound reasoning.

Ironfoot - I'm not shocked that you didn't spend time in the hospital most have very good control at that level. Of course yoiu have to be pretty sharp yourself not to run into something, you must belong at that level.