Does anyone have the results of any study that was done using blind testing?

blind testing is simple, it goes like this:
Group A of x amount of people - receives accupuncture treatment from a certified accupuncturist.

Group B of x amount of people - receives 'sham accupuncture' from testers posing as accupuncturists. 'sham test' in this case means they don't really perform accupuncture, instead they just give the impression to the test subject that they are performing the treatment.

both groups believe they are receiving real accupuncture treatment from a qualified practitioner.

All the blind-test studys I've seen through the years always shows equal results for both groups. overwhelmingly indicating that accupuncture is a placebo effect.

It's a fair test, which not many accupuncturists seem willing to do.
If anyone knows of any such study that has indicated otherwise - could you point me to it. thanks.