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#358373 - 08/24/07 09:27 PM Michael Vick - Opinions?
JKogas Offline

Registered: 01/25/03
Posts: 10818
Loc: North Carolina
I'm surprised there was no thread about Vick already on the forum. There wasn't so, lets talk about him.

I'm sure most of you are aware of the situation that he's involved in. I'd like to see your opinions on the situation. What do YOU think? Should he be allowed to play again after serving his sentence? Do you think race plays ANY part of this? Lets here what you all have to say on the matter.


#358374 - 08/24/07 11:19 PM Re: Michael Vick - Opinions? [Re: JKogas]
WhiteDragon11 Offline

Registered: 05/02/07
Posts: 1165
Loc: Florida, United States
I think he is a good football player, but definately deserves his punishment. I think its true and its right to punish him even if he is an awesome quarterback. I think he should be allowed back though; dog fighting has nothing to do with being in the NFL. And as for race, I dont think it has anything to do with it.

#358375 - 08/25/07 12:24 AM Re: Michael Vick - Opinions? [Re: WhiteDragon11]
Taison Offline
The Forum Dragon
Professional Poster

Registered: 09/06/05
Posts: 3629
Loc: BKK, Thailand
Ok, before giving opinions and stuff~

Someone needs to brief me in on what has happened.

Another O.G Simpson case?

-Taison out
I got two fists.. Don't make me use my head as well!

#358376 - 08/25/07 01:03 AM Re: Michael Vick - Opinions? [Re: JKogas]
Neko456 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 01/18/05
Posts: 3260
Loc: Midwest City, Ok, USA
I think he f&*ked up, messed up a pro career something that only 5-10% of the millions of people that dream of such a career, get a chance to have.

As for dog fighting I'm torn, if you look at the big picture dog fighting its big business. The odds of pulling Vick out of this bucket seems odd. Maybe they cut his caretaker of his dog breeding/training and disposal facility a deal. As always they want the ring leader not the small fry. What gave Vicks group away is that the bodies of dogs that were stacked and smelling up the place, even from a distance. Almost like his caretaker & helper set him up. Most people burn the bodies just like our city dog care facilities throughout the USA and probably the world.

Now there are bigger and richer people involved in dog fighting then Micheal Vick. Was Race a issue Race is always an issue in USA, not so much in the NFL but the nation as of whole still has a problem with someone being different. If they wanted to take out a big shot out in the dog fighting sport as I mentioned Vick is just a middleman. So you want to take out a big player thats not family money connected.

Basically its gambling and pulls in multi-millions and been going on for enons. Do I agree with dog fighting no, but I do understand that certain breeds are bred for this and will fight with an betting shouting ordiance or not.

Vick screwed up and deserves to be penatlized, but only because it is illegal just like smoking mariajuna, it rumored that legal cigarettes I hear are more harmful. I don't do either but this is a pro argument for mariajuna smokers.

Should he loose is career for life, I think thats a little harsh. I think he should pay stiff penatlies and maybe suspended from the game for a limited amount of time. With all these fines he will need a way to pay them, you take his livelyhood away and how does he pay, Crime or illegal investments or by working forever on a regular 9-5?

I think an infinitely suspension is too ruff, because even if they gave Micheal V life in prision (which they won't) that won't stop any of the dog betting/fighting thats going on throughout the world tommorrow or years later.

I'm sure we all are aware that some cultures EAT Dog, they say it taste better then Chicken. What we believe is Taboo is normal somewhere else.

I have 3 dogs that I love and cherish, but they are just dogs. I don't considered their lives as important as a human. Might sound bad but thats how I feel, and I love my dogs.

Edited by Neko456 (08/25/07 01:05 AM)

#358377 - 08/25/07 06:34 AM Re: Michael Vick - Opinions? [Re: Neko456]
Bushi_no_ki Offline

Registered: 05/03/05
Posts: 1669
Loc: POM, Monterey CA
Too much press over a minor issue. The issue of a dog fighting league scores no where near as high as a Human gladiatorial league (humans actually fight to the death). Yeah, he broke the law and should pay a fine or something, but his career shouldn't be ruined over it.

#358378 - 08/25/07 07:23 AM Re: Michael Vick - Opinions? [Re: JKogas]
Cord Offline

Registered: 01/13/05
Posts: 11399
Loc: Cambridge UK.

I'm surprised there was no thread about Vick already on the forum. There wasn't so, lets talk about him.

I'm sure most of you are aware of the situation that he's involved in. I'd like to see your opinions on the situation. What do YOU think? Should he be allowed to play again after serving his sentence? Do you think race plays ANY part of this? Lets here what you all have to say on the matter.


The situation is that a high profile celebrity has been caught organising not only an illegal activity, but an immensley cruel and barbaric activity. He had 66 dogs many of which were injured, all of which are un-homeable having been nurtured to know nothing but aggression and fear.
Did you know that he also had a 'Rape stand' - this is a frame that they shackle a b1tch to when in season to enforce coitus on her, when in nature she may decline the dog in question. The term 'rape stand' is the vernacular of the dog fighting world, not mine, and shows the mentality fo the people involved.

i hope sincerely that they make a HUGE example of him and put him away for so long that he is at retirement age when released.

Dogs are dependants. They trust imlplicity and are reliant on their owners totaly. They are one of the few creatures on earth capable of unconditional love- they can be beaten, starved, abused and maimed, and still be loyal to their owner. This is the same dynamic one finds in children from abusive homes.
If Vick was found to keep 10 kids in squalor and force them to hurt eachother and die in pain for his sick entertainment, then they would lock him up for life.

I see no distinction here. I would be delighted to hear that he was killed in prison quite frankly- no better than a peadophile in my eyes.

As you all know, I like animals more than humans, so my feelings on this subject are raw and very strong.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'

#358379 - 08/25/07 07:49 AM Re: Michael Vick - Opinions? [Re: Cord]
wristtwister Offline
like a chiropractor, only evil

Registered: 02/14/06
Posts: 2210
Loc: South Carolina
Vick deserves whatever he gets from the courts. Like any other slimeball thug that makes his way into professional sports, he's just another hoodlum that has a talent to play football (in this case) and the people who can cash in on his football talents have done so for six or so years. He has a brother, DeMarcus that's also a hoodlum.

When you throw money at a hoodlum, they think they're invincible, and it just takes time for whatever foul-up they will pull to catch up with them. Vick's father says that he's had this propensity toward animal killing since he was a kid... which is typical of serial killers.

I guess what I'll never understand is the attitude of the public to go watch thugs like this play professional sports. They're willing to overlook drug dealing, robbery, murder (in some cases) just to watch somebody catch or throw a football or dunk a basketball. There are thousands of good "clean" players out there that might not have his talent, but are good people, which he clearly is not, and the sports minions ignore them and put these hoodlums on pedestals for kids to watch.

If I was commissioner of any professional sport, the rules would be simple... gangster activity or moral terpitude, and your contract is invalid. If you don't like that, go mow lawns for a living. If they'd stop making prima-donnas of these thugs, they'd figure out that thuggery isn't how the world gets along. You can be tough without being a thug.

...and if the sponsors don't like "their guy" getting the heat, go fund their own league. The X-FL tried it, and it lasted less than a year.


What man is a man that does not make the world a better place?... from "Kingdom of Heaven"

#358380 - 08/25/07 08:14 AM Re: Michael Vick - Opinions? [Re: Bushi_no_ki]
JKogas Offline

Registered: 01/25/03
Posts: 10818
Loc: North Carolina
Dog fighting and gambling seem to be fairly big issues, at least to a LOT of people. I think this comes down to how people define "big issues". Thuggery is GETTING to be a big issue in our society anymore.

He didn't MURDER anyone though (like Ray Lewis). Thus I'm somewhat undecided about whether I feel he should be back in the league or NOT. If *I* were a league owner, he wouldn't be playing for MY team, I can say that much.

It's a privilege to play in the NFL or ANY big league for that matter. And for that reason, Michael Vick has GOT to be one of the dumbest people on earth. To choose to throw away tens of millions of dollars to a engage in a "street culture" for what? Street cred? I think that's part of it. Gambling on DOGS? If you want to gamble, wouldn't VEGAS be a better place to engage in that sort of thing (if you're into high stakes gambling).

What if this was just small time stuff? That would make even LESS sense.

Vick is throwing away millions because of ignorant decisions. That playing in the NFL is a privilege and not a right, the league owners have EVERY right themselves to keep him out of the league for good. That's not saying they won't however. I personally can see Vick playing in the league again some day. It won't be anytime soon. Perhaps three years or so from now, you'll see him (on another team). He may not be playing quarterback (should have NEVER played quarterback anyway because he SUCKED).

The problem with Vick is, this sort of thing isn't anything new. Taking into consideration ALL of his actions over the past several years, you'll start to see a pattern of questionable behavior.

Lets see:

*The "Ron Mexico" thing
*The water bottle incident
*Giving the finger to his HOMETOWN fans

And now THIS? At what point do we have to say that enough is enough?

I know if I continued to act this way with my boss, they would FIND a reason to fire MY ass. You get to a point where quality people simply no longer want to be associated with a thug.

And that some people are playing the RACE card? My GOD. Folks should get a clue. The guy broke the law, got caught and will now pay his debt to society. Its just that simple. But it never fails; as soon as someone breaks the law and gets caught anymore, it becomes an automatic race issue. This attitude breeds hypocrisy.

Legally, Vick has no "right" to play in the NFL. But if the league owners want him back (and I'm sure some will), that's THEIR right as owners. Fine by me. Three years down the road and you'll not see the same Vick as you've seen him before. That is almost a guarantee.

Oddly enough, I'm hearing a lot of people talking about how DOG fighting is no worse than hunting...

I don't buy the reasoning behind that. They are completely dissimilar.

But, these are just MY opinions.

#358381 - 08/25/07 08:22 AM Re: Michael Vick - Opinions? [Re: wristtwister]
MattJ Offline
Free Rhinoplasty!

Registered: 11/25/04
Posts: 15634
Loc: York PA. USA
Michael Vick is the worst kind of scum to be involved with dog-fighting. While this is popular in the gangsta-rap community, it is not a race issue. Dog-fighting is a mostly Southern (in the USA) phenomenon, not a racial one. Plenty of idiots (I have read estimates of 40,000+ people) of all kinds enjoy it, sick bast4rds.

If there is any justice, Michael Vick will go to jail and get a$$-raped every fackin day. And when he gets out, he shouldn't EVER be allowed to play professional sports. Him and all the rest of his dog-fighting twisted friends should be buried alive.

Apologies if this is over-the-top, but as a loving dog owner, I feel very strongly about this cruel and barbaric sport enjoyed by idiots.
"In case you ever wondered what it's like to be knocked out, it's like waking up from a nightmare only to discover it wasn't a dream." -Forrest Griffin

#358382 - 08/25/07 10:20 AM Re: Michael Vick - Opinions? [Re: MattJ]
JKogas Offline

Registered: 01/25/03
Posts: 10818
Loc: North Carolina
I agree with your sentiments completely Matt. The culture of thuggery in ANY form should not be condoned by any establishment, anywhere, PERIOD.

Goodell is taking the right course of action here. It's possible that we may never see Vick in the NFL again. That would be all to perfect for me.


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