JK, dont sweat it, no one can ever beat a dead man, not even with BJJ.

That is just a truism, and its abruptness is not meant to disrespect Mr Hartsell, its just a fact that, in death, those who are loved and respected often are remembered as greatly superior to those left in corporeal form.

Hartsell vs Gracie, Sonny liston vs Klitchko Bruce Lee vs Dan Inosanto.

Pick one of these or any similar such fight, the dead man will invariably be the winner in the pointless argument that will ensue.

Anyone who can read english can see you meant no disrespect, the only time specific claims of superiority were made were in an unprompted dig at the gracies, an act that I presume Mr Hartsell had more class than to make himself in his lifetime.
Don't let the door hit ya' where the good lord split ya'