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#352336 - 08/15/07 09:40 PM Re: Darn you leg kicks! [Re: falconhunter2020]
WhiteDragon11 Offline

Registered: 05/02/07
Posts: 1165
Loc: Florida, United States
Theres no point to bring you arm or arms all the way to your leg to block a kick that you can block with your leg in the first place. To block leg kicks the easiest thing to do is to just go with the kick so it doesnt break anything. And if you bring you arm or arms down, either way your in trouble.

#352337 - 08/15/07 10:22 PM Re: Darn you leg kicks! [Re: WhiteDragon11]
falconhunter2020 Offline

Registered: 09/03/06
Posts: 16
I see the point you're making, but to me it makes more sense to end up with an injured hand than an injured foot. With an injured hand you don't lose manuverability.
I didn't read all of the previous posts, but there seemed to be an argument on whether or not to block with your shin or your foot. I'm not going to ask which way is better, but can you give the pro's and con's of the different blocking methods?

#352338 - 08/15/07 10:28 PM Re: Darn you leg kicks! [Re: falconhunter2020]
WhiteDragon11 Offline

Registered: 05/02/07
Posts: 1165
Loc: Florida, United States
Welcome your not really "blocking" the kick as your are not getting hurt by it, I guess. When the kick you can jam it up with your leg, you can even try and get your knee to strike their shin as a attack for a block. Well if they are kicking at your torso or hips I jam up the leg. If they are striking around your knee area then lift your leg and just go with the attack. So if I was kicking at your knee just go with the flow of the kick. And lift is up so atleast its along your shin because you dont want a hurt knee.

#352339 - 08/16/07 10:42 AM Re: Darn you leg kicks! [Re: falconhunter2020]
Meliam Offline

Registered: 07/23/07
Posts: 61

When "defending" against a kick to the leg, why is it wrong to block it with your arm or the back of your fist?
I can see why you wouldn't want to block with the ulna; you'd break your arm, but what about double bone blocks?
Another argument stated above was that your opponent would hit you in the face while your arm was down, what if you block with your rear hand?

The ideal is to block kicks to your legs with your legs and kicks to your torso and head with your hands/arms.

It is not really a matter of being physical able to block the kick with your arms/hands or not, is more a matter of not moving the arms down to block the kick.

First of all: it is faster to block/parry leg kicks with you legs, and high kicks and punches with your hands/arms.

Second: the opponent will see that you take your hands down when he kicks low and he will fake a low kick and then throw either a hard high kick to the unprotected head or a hand/elbow strike to the head.

So usually you keep your hands up protecting the head and you let your legs do the low kick parries.

Finally: it is quite hard to block a MT style low thigh kick with your arm. If the opponent fires a full power low kick and you try to block it with your wrist the kick will end up going through your parry/block and hitting your leg. (Possibly with your arm stuck between the kicking leg and your own thigh).

There are however other kicks where it makes sense to use the hands/arms to parry/block. You can block a front kick with your hands/arms because you redirect the kick's direction and power to the side and make it "miss" its target.

You can block high kicks because usually it is harder to get the same amount of power in high kicks than you get in low kicks. You can also use both hands/forearms in some situations to block a high kick, but you cant take both hands down to block and low kick without exposing your head and torso.

If you kneel down and let someone throw a full power MT style low kick to your head you would have a hard time parring it with your hand/arms.


#352340 - 08/16/07 10:58 AM Re: Darn you leg kicks! [Re: Meliam]
Meliam Offline

Registered: 07/23/07
Posts: 61
I would not want to take the low kicks with my knee. I know some people do this but I would not do it as my first option.

When I parry low kicks I do the following. If you thrust your hip forward a bit when you parry/block, you can catch his inner thigh (Just above his knee) with your shin (Just above your foot). This makes the parry less taxing on your shin because you make contact with the soft muscle in stead of his shin.

I still stress the need for conditioned shins because if this fails you may end up taking a shin to shin hit.

High kick parry Tip: On high kicks I like to sometimes use a Sabate style heel kick to the front part of the thigh of the opponents non kicking leg. When the opponent kicks high, as soon as he makes contact with my arms, I fire a straight heel kick to the thigh of the sustaining leg. This attack is hard to block when you have one leg up in the air. The Technique comes from my time doing Ashihara Karate.



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