Hello, ok this is second post im starting on Fudokan. My bad is that i wasnt clear enuf on last post and there were no comments on it. Ok what is Fudokan.
udokan (Japanese: translated as “The house on the strong base”) is a school of karate, founded in 1980 by Taiji Kase, Vladimir Yorga and Ilija Yorga. Name "Fudo" was from the school of Sensei Kase in Paris, which Dr.Jorga makes name Fudokan. ("The house is karate, uniform and indivisible, demanding studying of the best parties of all styles. The strong base is the richest experience of the previous generations karateka which has absorbed in itself Fudokan"). Fudokan is science version of Shotokan because, it learns kata from Shotokan style and other kata from similar styles (Sanchin, Seisan, ect.) but aslo has some it one kata. These kata was removed from Shotokan by Masatoshi Nakayama in 1958, because he want karate styles to be different

Fudokan is an evolutional style - it has emerged recently as a specific, scientifically verified of IKA karate in the Shotokan expansion period, i.e. 1965-1975, concurrently with all the concomitant consequences such as the global distribution of the world karate, the diverging interests, idolatry, copying and empty imitation, primarily by various instructors of system and style of the established centers of power and monopolies with extremely diverse political, religious characteristics.

Fudokan has passed by all this as thought between Scylla and Charybdis and has succeeded in preserving the authenticity as well as moral values as set by the great karate teachers - sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama first and foremost. Fudokan crossed the distance from utter absence of recognition (since 1980) to full verification and recognition (since 1990).

According to the ITKF Statute, Fudokan, is a style national educational organization which, according to the technical advisor of Fudokan, sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama, has right to organize into a style organization both on the European and World levels and is solely involved in propagation and education of the Fudokan traditional karate.

Why does Fudokan "pose" a problem for the already established systems, organization and a myriad of instructors thought the world who hide behind the institution of the black belt?

(3) It is free of any political connotation (it is sufficient to recall Mr.Riuchi Sasagava, the founder of fascist party in Japan in 1936 and a long - years president of WUKO).

(4) Thought the presence of numerous elite figures, the academic universal spirit free of delusions and limitations has to its full expression in Fudokan.

(5) In
its specific language understanding to all the adherents of Fudokan traditional karate style, using the current knowledge of physiology, pedagogy, biomechanics, methodology - like it or not - it has become an undoubtedly super and powerful scientific institution on which the traditional karate is based.

(6) Fudokan rules of conduct and its universal moral code indisputably result from Gichin's golden rules of karate as well as from the moral ethical approach to karate by the Professor Hidetaka Nishiyama.

Finally, what else to say? Fudokan speaks clearly for itself. Fudokan has only one difficulty - it is difficult to follow because it is not mere kicking and punching. It is a specific closed philosophical system which provides answer is quite clear: It creates a complete man, of free spirit and will, educated and moral, ready to take a stand and fight for the true human values. It maintains that modesty, honor and pride are virtues. It emphasizes that the phenomenon of sensei is obliging and highly esteemed.

In conclusion, I will point once again to very important moment in my life. It was the instance when I asked myself aloud and in the presence of sensei professor Hidetaka Nishiyama: Should I persist in pursuing Fudokan since it causes a true panic among the Japanese instructors? Sensei Nishiyama (San Diego, 1996) replied: "You have an obligation to do so. "Hence, I am doing it in the best way possible and allowed to me - because it is simultaneously my obligation and a debt to rare person in this world - both a man and a teacher in the true sense of the world - sensei Hidetaka Nishiyama.

Best regards to all Karate students