Greetings everyone!

The Colorado Yi Zong Family is Proud to Welcome Luo De Xiu for his summer 2007, Xing Yi Quan/ Ba Gua Zhang Workshops.

*Denver/ Boulder, August 17th -20th *

The Denver, CO. Dates and Curriculum:

Friday, August 17th, 6-9 p.m., Studio Soma: 2540 W. 29th Ave.

5 Elements and their applications & the Beng Linking Form
This will be an excellent introduction to Hong Yi Xiang’s Hebei style Xing Yi Quan. Learn fundamental training practices, footwork, and applications of the Wu Xing (5 Elements) fists. The Beng linking form will also be introduced.

Saturday, August 18th, noon -7p.m.

Xian Tian: Exploring Intention and Theory
Bagua uses circle walking to foster mind-spirit-body integration. In this seminar Luo De Xiu will cover the basic theory of Bagua and teach the Tianjin style pre-heaven palm changes. This seminar is a great introduction to the Gao style Ba Gua Zhang system. Beginners are welcome.

The Boulder, CO. Dates and Curriculum:

Sunday, August 19th, from 11am-6pm @ Boulder Judo

Hou Tian – Learning the intention
The Gao style Bagua Hou tian, post-heaven, palm forms are a unique feature of Gao Yi Sheng’s Bagua Zhang system; they are preformed in a straight line with emphasis on combat application. This seminar will focus on usage theory and intent. This will include entries, setup and fa jing methods. This seminar is open to public, some martial experience is recommended.

Monday, August 20th, from 10:30am to 1:30pm @ Boulder Judo

The San Shou Practices of the Yi Zong School
Indoor students only

Friday & Monday class $85 each
Saturday & Sunday $125each or $225 for both
$340 for all four days.
Preferred payment is cash (please contact if paying by check)
Same day registration (call for availability) $440 cash only

Reservations by email and payment due no later than August 10th!
Space is limited, sign up soon! This sells out every year.

For more information and class location contact:

Marilyn Heidrick at or call 1 303 525-8907

Boulder -
Bill Metzgar at

Owen Schilling at

Or Check or call 1-303-516 9643
Chris Haynes