hey guys..before this thread gets locked as one of those 'street fight' threads, the story's merely a prelude to my main topic. As the brits amoungst you know, exam season has come to a close, and as you must have done when you had finished your exams we all celebrated. it was all in good fun , when as people start to drink a little too much, things get a little out of hand. what went from a little argument, turned into a full on confrontation with my friend and his older brother rolling around on the floor. at first no one took real notice as we knew the two were very close, but it soon got out of hand, most of the spectators were too out of it to be of any use, but i saw it was going way too far, i had been drinking myself but so much that i couldnt think straight. i pulled the older brother off and we ended up rolling across the floor, after that i remember putting him in a leg triangle to restrain him. i shouted at him to calm down and waited for the others to take his younger brother away. anyway, after afew apologoies the two were fine. the point of my thread is have guy ever been inhibited and found your ma skills coming pruely out of instinct, the triangle i had used was something i had been practising for the past month or so, so though it wasnt perfect it was enough to hold him till he calmed down. im also a firm believer in mucsle memory, however id like to see your views on the ratio of mucsle memory to trained instinct in situations where people arent totally in control.

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