I decided to write this post, because it seems to me that we have had so many great debates over the time that I've been here, that it would be a great shame to let them all disappear into the archives of the forum, where only the most determined researchers will find them. Look on this as a quick list of some of the highlights of debates that the TKD forum has had.

To newer members in particular, I hope this will give you an insight into how the forum is at it's best. To the older members- I hope you have as fond memories of the threads as I do.

The Sport Side of TKD

NHB lacks TKD?

Training for the Leg Catch?

Should TKD reinvent the Forms?

What's Missing in TKD Forms?

ITF TKD Sinewave

"Traditional" vs. "Modern?"

Martial Art vs. Martial Sport

Debating the weaknesses of TKD

If you have other threads that you would like to add to the list, please PM the admin!

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