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#339011 - 07/16/07 10:34 AM Re: was it really worth it? [Re: Taison]
TroTro Offline

Registered: 05/04/07
Posts: 59
Sparring and sport are fun. Actual fighting? No way.

#339012 - 07/16/07 10:53 AM Re: was it really worth it? [Re: TroTro]
crablord Offline
th3 t4sty sn4ck

Registered: 08/10/06
Posts: 1530
Loc: Australia, QLD, GC
fun is hardly the word to describe it.
emotional rollercoaster would be a good one.
"They say the only way to kill a lion is with a rear naked choke, but I'd just kick it in the head"

#339013 - 07/16/07 01:39 PM Re: was it really worth it? [Re: BrianS]
Taison Offline
The Forum Dragon
Professional Poster

Registered: 09/06/05
Posts: 3629
Loc: BKK, Thailand

Spoken like someone who has never been in a "real" fight


"clearly an idiot"

What happens if you combine the two above sentences?


Spoken clearly like a real idiot

-Taison out
I got two fists.. Don't make me use my head as well!

#339014 - 11/08/07 03:43 PM Re: was it really worth it? [Re: Taison]

What happens if you combine the two above sentences?


Spoken clearly like a real idiot

-Taison out

Hahaha brilliance!

#339015 - 11/22/07 03:39 AM Re: was it really worth it? [Re: shorin-ji]
fileboy2002 Offline

Registered: 11/13/05
Posts: 999
Loc: Chicago, IL
Yes, it was. Too bad the @#$% jerk wasn't more seriously hurt. Good work.

#339016 - 12/08/07 05:16 PM Re: was it really worth it? [Re: fileboy2002]
Bunny_Warrior Offline

Registered: 12/03/07
Posts: 48
Well I think you did the right thing. I mean let's face it, someone might have actually killed the guy for stealing those 10 dollars. Sure it probably wouldn't happen, but the chance is always there that he runs into a nutcase and gets himself killed. Better a beating from you than getting killed for what he does.

The thing is, you're a martial artist. Beat the guy up if you think he needs the beating, and teach him a lesson. That way he may learn and give up mugging people on the street, because one day that guy might get killed for mugging someone way more dangerous or crazy than yourself - of course I am not saying you are crazy, but other people might be.

My point being, the beating you gave the guy might have just saved his neck, and made him think about the risks of what he's doing.

And for the record, I would have done the same as you. Not to beat the guy up, or for fun, or even for money. But simply to teach him that it's dangerous to mug random people on the street. I would even let the guy keep the 10 dollars. I'd hurt him as little as possible (or try at least), then after the beating, I would help him up, let him rest, buy him a drink, and nicely explain to him that he could have encountered someone far more dangerous than me, and that he could have gotten seriously hurt, and that what he's doing could have been a big mistake.

Of curse if the guy has a gun or something like that, I'd just let him have the 10 dollars, in a situation like that it's not worth it. However...if I had a girlfriend and he pointed that thing at her, I'd do my best to break his arm. Better a broken arm than a dead woman if you ask me, and you can't risk stuff if he's got a gun.

Of course this is just my opinion. I think that, if you really wanna beat someone up, do it to teach them something, not because he stole 10 dollars or whatever.

Edited by Bunny_Warrior (12/08/07 05:21 PM)

#339017 - 12/08/07 06:54 PM Re: was it really worth it? [Re: shorin-ji]
WC_Lun Offline

Registered: 12/08/07
Posts: 30
Loc: Kansas City MO
Was it worth $10? Not at all and you were lucky that you didn't end up in jail or the hospital. I totally understand though...if someone had done that to my wife I prolly woulda done the same thing.

#339018 - 01/14/08 11:22 AM Re: was it really worth it? [Re: shorin-ji]
Neko456 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 01/18/05
Posts: 3260
Loc: Midwest City, Ok, USA
Really there are rules that one should be guide by on he street, several others have defined them.

I will only add sometimes women & the uninformed, are trusting and want to help others but your counsel if they will listen should help. Usually the common non connecting responce if you don't know the person is, "Is no I don't have change, and keep walking." But if you know the guy or not let him present his funds to you first, let him be the trusting person. You hold his $10 bucks as you search for his change.

The incident with your lady there probably was unavoidable after he tricked her and ran with the money. She would never let you live that down if you would have just said come on its not worth it, let it go. She would have said with all that training you let that happen to me (in reality she let it happen). So base on the principle you had to defend her honor especially after she took his hat and issued the ultimatum. I know alot of MAs are going to say you always have the option to turn the other cheek, maybe if you girls a MAs too, other then that you have live with that or dump the girl. And really it wasn't her fault for trusting and trying to help a stranger. But thats the world we live in.

In almost every street scuffle I've seen or experienced there are always some briuses, nicks & torn flesh, there is always some regret or hindsight or was it worth it. But thats spilled milk its good that your training came through and you pretty much whipped his a$$, at a slight size disadvantage. The only thing left to do really is to reap the benifits of your labour, laid back and eat those grapes she'll be feeding you as she strokes your browe, my Man, she's thinking.

Thats a lot better then listening to you weakling you let that happen to me or you laid up in the hospital bc you couldn't handle yourself (or the mess she got you in), its just all part of having a non-MA babe. Pluses and minuses, checks and balances. It was a Principle worth fighting for if that means anything to ya, as your scuffs on your knees and elbos heal, eat those grapes Man.

Thats life in the concret jungle. Sorry no wise enlightening jargons or mottos.

Edited by Neko456 (01/14/08 11:28 AM)

#339019 - 01/15/08 10:21 AM Re: was it really worth it? [Re: shorin-ji]
ButterflyPalm Offline

Registered: 08/26/04
Posts: 2637
Loc: Malaysia
Like Shadowkahn, I smell BS's why.

Quote: girlfriend ran up and snatched his hat off his head telling him that he would get his hat back when he gave us back our money.

The guy was over 6 ft. and the girl was 5 ft. That easy to just snatch off the hat? ...remember everyone was panting after the chase and the tiny girl just walked up and the hat?


...without even thinking I ran at him dropping him with two strong rights to the jaw and cheek, he took me down with him trying to jersey me but i quickly slipped myself out of the shirt and began punching him viciously in the face....he was at least 6 inches taller

Two strong rights to the jaw/cheek....(remember the guy was 6 inches taller) ...the guy grabbed his SHIRT, and he could slip it OFF while both were rolling on the ground AND still gave him time to began punching VICIOUSLY in the guy's face.


...then I got up and began kicking him in the ribs which just made him turtle up....after a few hard kicks i thought he was done and we walked back without the 10 dollors....this guy beaten up from our fight just a few mins before attacks me again...i still...very sore bloody hands (my left hand has 3 decent sized chunks out of it which will definately leave scars.

After such a severe beating, a street punk risking arrest, came back for seconds? And both he and the girlfriend left without getting the moneny back? Remember the girlfriend had the spunk to snatch off an over 6 ft. guy's hat and demanded for the money or he won't gat his hat back?

Quote: that point I just got into my cab that had arrived while I was fighting this idiot in the street...

Why did they get into a cab when they just got off the bus?


no punches landed on me....and very sore bloody hands (my left hand has 3 decent sized chunks out of it which will definately leave scars)

An over 6 ft. street punk wrestling with someone 6 inches shorter and did NOT throw or maybe threw some punches but NONE landed, NOT ONE? And the injuries (from just punching a face and shots to the sides) to our hero's left hand were so severe as to have 3 decent sized chunks out of it and DEFINATELY left scars?

After all that "fiasco" he and the spunky 5 ft. tall girlfriend just got into a taxi? and the taxi driver just drove off as if nothing has happened and also remember that people were getting out of their cars to pull our hero off the guy? It must have been quite a commotion scene with cars stopping in an intersection and the taxi driver just drove off?

Maybe I am wrong; just my $10 worth.

I think the question should have been -- was it really worth it for the punk to be beaten up VICIOUSLY TWICE for $10 which he already had?
I'll rather be happy than right, anytime.

#339020 - 01/22/08 01:50 PM Re: was it really worth it? [Re: shorin-ji]
used2b Offline

Registered: 01/17/08
Posts: 11
Loc: Kentucky
whatever happed to humillity? IMO the fight would have been over putting his hands on my gf... not the money. however stopping him would have given you a very good chance to get your money back

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