Who would have thought that this would be the forum I have to address people as a group on. Personally I always thought the JKD forum was going to be more trouble. The whole Classic Vs. Concept thing. Bruce Lee. Huge list but yet no problems.

On the other hand we have a forum about stretching. How hard can it be ? Yet we seem to have a number of members here who seem to think that they can disrespect other members, non members, and other websites and use this forum to do it in.

Well, that just isnt the case. I told Mr. Caille and the Administration that I would run a tight ship in this forum. Just Like I do my others. I dont want to babysit you guys. I would like for the general attitude of the forum to be relaxed, and comfortable. But respectful at the same time. Like you would be at your Grandmother's house. Like your Dojo is run. Im not going to constantly remind you guys of things you should already know. You read the rules when you agreed to become a member did you not? Read them again. Disrespect, slander, hearsay, vulgar language. None of it will be tolerated. Im not going to bend or argue about it. Im not your mother, Im not babysitting. Consider this your first and last warning.
"When I let Go of who I am, I become who I might be."
Lao Tzu