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#334811 - 10/03/05 12:46 PM The Ultimate Black Belt Test
Galen Offline

Registered: 11/07/04
Posts: 381
Hello all.

I know that there was a post about the Ultimate Black Belt Test a while back, but I was reviewing the website and the level of anger and outrage to which I was moved was so profound, I wanted to post here and see what the current school of thought is on this subject.

Here is the website:

There is just so much wrong with this, I can hardly force my fingers to type this post.

Now, I must admit, this guy is a genius at selling snake oil, but as for integrity, credibility and anything else I hold dear, this is a travesty, plain and simple.

I hold off on going into specifics, just to see if there is any interest in discussing this topic. If not, Ill let i drop and seeth in quiet rage.

Nothing imperfect is the measure of anything!

#334812 - 10/04/05 01:46 PM Re: The Ultimate Black Belt Test [Re: Galen]
Bushi_no_ki Offline

Registered: 05/03/05
Posts: 1669
Loc: POM, Monterey CA
Galen, I just don't have it in me to get pi$$ed at these things anymore, but I see exactly what you're talking about. To me, it's just another website you'd expect to see as an infomercial on late night tv.

#334813 - 10/07/05 06:29 PM Re: The Ultimate Black Belt Test [Re: Bushi_no_ki]
PierrePressure Offline

Registered: 07/02/05
Posts: 173
I read a part of the testing requirements page, and now I'm just confused about the whole thing. Is it a over-the-internet promotion scam just to get your black belt, or is it a program that encourages martial artists to set goals and keep track of their progress using this website community? I honestly don't know what it is. Weird.
"If life gives you lemons, you blow those lemons to bits with your laser cannon!" - Brak

#334814 - 10/25/05 10:06 AM Re: The Ultimate Black Belt Test [Re: PierrePressure]
AshiharaStudent Offline

Registered: 07/01/05
Posts: 121
Loc: Edinburgh, Scotland
In the UK we call this a 'Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme'
All martial arts are equal.... it's just that some are more equal than others!

#334815 - 03/04/06 10:18 PM Re: The Ultimate Black Belt Test [Re: Galen]
Narf Offline

Registered: 12/19/04
Posts: 2
I know someone who's doing's just this challenge that black belts from others schools can take. They don't give out black belts. It's a sort of "individual journey". You list a bunch of goals to achieve, set out to achieve them, and do a ton of martial arts training.

#334816 - 03/10/06 04:05 PM Re: The Ultimate Black Belt Test [Re: Galen]
pepto_bismol Offline
infinite kudos

Registered: 03/04/06
Posts: 480
WOW I can't believe you posted this. I just saw what I believe to be their last demonstration at my instructors school a few weeks ago. The group has some really good martial artists and they have a really good attitude but they are so close it is almost like a cult.

When we saw their demonstration my instructor did one form, we saw some FAST self defence and some of the UBB people did forms, my favorite was some guy doing some kind of phillipino stick fighting.

Anyway guys this might as well be a good time to introduce you to my instructor check out is profile and tell me what you think. (he was there since team 1 :P)

EDIT: Wow I just read your posts about how the UBBT is a scam. These guys are some of the toughest guys I know, nothing close to a scam. Any $ they made went to a house they built for somebody in hurricane Katrina. And what it is, is a group of people who already have black belts in one style or another and form a kind of club where they train, hike, do seminars, teach people etc.

You are outraged by this?

I can see you now

"they built a house for a victim in hurricane Katrina... THOSE [censored]!"

lol seriously read some more info at the site before you start accusing everything of being a scam.

Edited by pepto_bismol (03/10/06 04:10 PM)
YAY pepto bismol! No... not... kryptonite

#334817 - 03/10/06 11:11 PM Re: The Ultimate Black Belt Test [Re: Galen]
Ukraine Offline

Registered: 01/27/06
Posts: 46
Loc: Ontario, Canada
In my club you have to be 16 or older to acieve the black belt. By the way the ultimate black belt test is

#334818 - 03/10/06 11:38 PM Re: The Ultimate Black Belt Test [Re: Ukraine]
pepto_bismol Offline
infinite kudos

Registered: 03/04/06
Posts: 480

In my club you have to be 16 or older to acieve the black belt. By the way the ultimate black belt test is

the club doesn't "hand out" black belts. And everyone is 16 or older. It is bassicaly a group of black belts from differant styles who train together and test their skills against each other.
YAY pepto bismol! No... not... kryptonite

#334819 - 09/26/06 02:59 PM Re: The Ultimate Black Belt Test [Re: Bushi_no_ki]
kickinuggett Offline

Registered: 09/26/06
Posts: 9
Loc: Earth

...I see exactly what you're talking about....

In this sport we expect blood, sweat and tears. Sometimes I wish there was more blood and sweat than tears.
Victim of McDojoitis.

#334820 - 10/18/06 06:34 PM Re: The Ultimate Black Belt Test [Re: Galen]
Hiyoshimaru Offline

Registered: 05/23/06
Posts: 22
Loc: Colorado, U.S.
I'm sorry to whoever I offend by this, but it seems to me, this is a load of crap, 1st and foremost, the martial arts are not a publicity stunt, and it's not about advertising or fancy photography. I forget what book I was reading, but my favorite quote from it said "The most dedicated schools are always the hardest to find." In my opinion a true teacher generaly doesn't take the time for flashy graphics or perfectly lit photographs. Simply the setup of the site is annoying to me, and the "Vision".

my second point is equally frustrating to me. This is from the requirements page

one full day of living in a wheelchair, one full day blind, and one full day mute are required by all candidates.

Acts of Kindness and Compassion

Each candidate must perform and log 1000 acts of kindness and compassion in his or her UBBT Workbook (or in an on-line Acts of Kindness web site. In addition to this requirement, each candidate must be the catalyst for 50,000 (minimum) acts of courtesy, kindness, and respect from their students and/or community. Candidates may choose to use Tom Callos` Random Acts of Kindness Program (available through NAPMA) or the first booklet in the Six Tasks Character Development Program (available through MAIA) or a program of their own creation.

who does this? These are all great things to do, but true learning of these things doesn't happen because it's "required" it happens because you make it happen, I simply don't like where this looks like it's coming from, these should be signs that you are trying to grow in compassion, not a forced way of learning it.

However, I was impressed with the testimonies, things like

"Coach is one of the most innovating thinkers the martial arts has seen in a long time. He has inspired me to push myself harder than ever and to be the role model for my students that I want them to be for society. He has lead me to a new path and because of that we are revamping our curriculum. Thanks coach for all you have done!" Todd Harris

are pretty encouraging as far as good training goes, so I don't know, I guess that shows some integrity in whoever's doing this thing, so honestly, I think that it is a pretty big publicity stunt, and that whoever's doing this isn't really genuine, but maybe I'm wrong.
"Karate practice is for the whole life; while one breaths, one practices."

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