Hi there,

My boss recommended a movie to me. It was allegedly called "House of Fog". Problem is, I don't think a movie by that name exists.

He said it involved Samurai, was set in ancient times & involved the "Great Wall of China". He said it was visually stunning, about a year old. He also mentioned something about the characters being super natural, but couldn't give me an example. I asked "Was it like "Crouching Tiger" where the characters can do things like defy gravity & jump from tree branch to tree branch"? He said "Exactly".

The last and most critical part he told me about the movie was that it was called "House of Fog". He wrote it down on a Post It note for me, so it was definitely the title he gave me.

The problem with this is that Google'ing "House of Fog" results in hundreds of hits that include "House of Sand and Fog", which is an entirely different movie.

Does anyone know what movie this might be?

Thanks for your help!