Long time I haven't been on this thread.

I can barely remember what he looks like now.

Oh well, hopefully he's choking on steroids now.

-Taison out

Just my thoughts.
Sort of out of sight out of mind thing?
From what I have observed, read about and experienced( from other people I dont/have never used them) steroids change peoples personalities. Relationships break up, crime, rage depression and just turn pure nasty.
Lots of medical problems.
Other drug use.

Then when they come off them steriod users become weak, lazy, depressed, impotent and normaly submissive.

The ones whose endocrine systems have nearly ceased to functon well they are a mess.

Chances are If you met this guy again and he wasnt on them he would be a different person.

I think if you had done anything and he was on steriods he wouldnt have changed his personality.