Im in grade eleven now, and have finally begun to look into what I want to do with my life. When I was a little kid my mom use to tell me " oh you should be a veteranarian, or oh you should be a pharmacist, etc." It was all well, and good then and since I have always been close with my mother I listened to her. About a year ago however I realised it's not for me. I looked into the military, and was almost immediatley set on it.. then I realised the pay is S#!7!
After my mom, and grandmother convincing me not to join the military I went back to the sciences.. Now again my mind is wandering a stray from that. I began researching swat (I'm canadian) I could only find American ( mostly LAPD based ) swat. I could not find anything about canadian swat, but I did find ERT which is a branch of the RCMP, I was wondering if anyone could expand on this branch of the RCMP a bit for me. Like is it applied for or are potential candidates selected?

I did find a few things about the testing for it such as
- Must have excellent eyesight; preferably without eyeglasses
-Must have served minimum of 3 years in the rcmp.
- something about physical requirements ( what are they exactly?!)

So if you stuck with me through all that lol what im basically wondering is
1) What exactly are the physical requirements?
2) Are there any educational reqs?
3) Salary ( of ERT, and RCMP-- are they the same?)

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