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#321442 - 02/09/07 10:02 PM one week curriculum?
zanshi Offline

Registered: 05/10/05
Posts: 21
Ok, I'm sick and tired of MAs that require a few decades to master. IMHO, you should be able to reasonably take care of yourself if you are attacked while walking out to your car after your first day of "lessons". But that's besides the point...on to my question. What would you teach someone between the ages of 20 and 35 who only has one week to learn? Everything from to techniques, to targets, to awareness to mental conditioning. (for the sake of argument, let's say you had 8 hours a day with this person and your training for real-world scenarios.)...let the games begin

#321443 - 02/12/07 01:56 PM Re: one week curriculum? [Re: zanshi]
everyone Offline

Registered: 01/02/07
Posts: 597
Loc: USA
I would teach patience.

#321444 - 02/13/07 11:00 AM Re: one week curriculum? [Re: zanshi]
cxt Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 09/11/03
Posts: 5830
Loc: USA

If so, I would do my best to impart some degree of awareness and situational attention.
Being aware and taking care will do wonders for your physical saftey.

I would also sit down and take apart this persons life, see where they go, what they do--see if they are doing stupid things and hanging out with and where people/places trouble occurs with some regularity.

Do my best to impart a healthy level of fear---HEALTHY, just enough so that they don't think they are 10 feet tall and bulletproof--with claws.
A little, a LITTLE, fear is a good thing--keeps you on your toes.

On the physical side, I would spend most of the time on the heavy bag, simple punchs, elbows, knees, etc, some basic defense vs takedowns, some kicks to the knees etc.

Not very good, but better than nothing at all.

Speaking personally, training time is less a question of long does it take???" and MORE of a question of "how good do you want/need to be????"

I mean I can teach someone the basic's of basketball in about 30 minutes--but their chances against people that have been playing ball for years are pretty nearly "zero."

Just my opinion---and worth every cent you paid for it too

Edited by cxt (02/13/07 11:51 AM)
I did battle with ignorance today.......and ignorance won. Huey.

#321445 - 02/13/07 11:14 AM Re: one week curriculum? [Re: zanshi]
Zombie Zero Offline
Compliance & Liability

Registered: 06/17/05
Posts: 1993
Loc: Lorton, VA
Why would someone only have one week to learn? What's the deadline all about?

#321446 - 02/13/07 12:53 PM Re: one week curriculum? [Re: zanshi]
butterfly Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 08/25/04
Posts: 3012
Loc: Torrance, CA
Agree with everyone here. I mean, where'd the one week time frame come from anyway? If you look at anyone who is marginally skilled at something, it took a lot longer than a week to creat that ability.

Similarly, there has to be more to martial arts than just requisite use...if it ain't fun and you don't really want to do it...but have'ta---well, you miss the reason for long term practice.

I have always hated Reader's Digest condensed books...and I would particularly hate to get the abridged version of any particular art.


#321447 - 02/13/07 01:17 PM Re: one week curriculum? [Re: zanshi]
Zombie Zero Offline
Compliance & Liability

Registered: 06/17/05
Posts: 1993
Loc: Lorton, VA

In the (almost) two years since you posted your thread about the sword art you 'invented', you could have gotten a very strong grounding in martial arts, if taught by a qualified instructor.

Unfortunately, you've closed your mind to being taught by anyone but yourself.

#321448 - 02/13/07 01:52 PM Re: one week curriculum? [Re: cxt]
everyone Offline

Registered: 01/02/07
Posts: 597
Loc: USA
I would question the motive of someone who expressed the desire to learn a fighting art in such short amount of time. A self-defense class seems much more appropriate: Awareness, Avoidance, Escape and Run.

I brought my wife to a series of kickboxing classes over a period of two months. They showed basic techniques and we got an awesome cardio workout though repetition. It was a great workout but she is no better prepared to defend herself today then before the classes. Proficiency takes time. (fyi - our motive for the class was fitness and something to do together)

#321449 - 02/13/07 10:37 PM Re: one week curriculum? [Re: zanshi]
Ronin1966 Offline
Professional Poster

Registered: 04/26/02
Posts: 3116
Loc: East Coast, United States
Hennl Zanshi:

Why the weird time frame?? eg Retroactive success at the END of the very first night on the way back to the car? Good luck... Trained response mandates t-r-a-i-n-i-n-g by definition. This cannot be gotten around, merely because it is ~unpleasant~ truth.

If you want/need instant, try a handgun ... "success", remember which way to point it and have pulled the trigger enough to do able by choice.


#321450 - 02/15/07 11:24 PM Re: one week curriculum? [Re: Ronin1966]
Triddle Offline

Registered: 01/30/06
Posts: 129
Loc: Australia
I would start by just drilling jab, cross, hook, uppercut and footwork (moving the feet, not kicking) on bags, then we would run out of time.

That or just show them the basics of throwing punches then sparring for the rest of the week, might help them learn to keep cool when taking hits.

#321451 - 02/16/07 07:21 PM Re: one week curriculum? [Re: Ronin1966]
zanshi Offline

Registered: 05/10/05
Posts: 21

Hennl Zanshi:

Why the weird time frame?? eg Retroactive success at the END of the very first night on the way back to the car?


A week is all the time that this person will be present...they're from out of state and are wondering about anything I would be able to reccomment/show them while he is here...I don't intend to do so, but it got me thinking about what would actually go into said far as the going to the car thing, it is just a random example of how 35 or even 10 years of practice isn't really a practical time isn't really practicle for me to to be walking out to my car after only say a week of training and have someone assault me and say, 'O, I'm sorry, we havn't covered this in class yet; could you go ahead and come back in a couple of months when I have got my basics down and have a better idea of how to defend myself aginst your assault?"...but this is deffinately not the point of my post...I was more looking for some quick principles/techniques to reccomend he look into...

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